Okinawa US military exercises during the outbreak of the epidemic

[Global Times comprehensive report] the 31st Marine Expeditionary Force of the US Marine Corps in Okinawa said on the 10th that it had recently completed a two-week training aimed at maintaining rapid reaction capability. Kyodo said that novel coronavirus outbreak or to show the United States during the rapid response capacity, but the local attracted concern about the expansion of training caused by the noise. The U.S. Marine Corps ground, aviation and logistics units participated in the training, according to the report. In order to demonstrate the ability of rapid response, the US Marine Corps made a combat plan in a short time, and used “Osprey” transport aircraft and amphibious ships. However, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, said on the 10th that one person was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in the cotoney military camp of the US Army, and the total number of infected people in Okinawa reached 315. “Although we have not heard of the training content and scale of the US Marine Corps, we have repeatedly asked the US side to abide by the health guidelines,” Okinawa County governor Yucheng said at a press conference. In the future, it will continue to ask the US side to avoid causing residents’ health anxiety. ” 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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