Novel coronavirus pneumonia died in Philippines’s former capital city of Manila, Lin Wenluo

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, Manila, August 8, Lin Wenluo, former mayor of Manila, Philippines, died at the age of 90, due to the death of her new crown pneumonia on 8. Paul della Cruz, the grandson of Lin Wenluo, released the news of his grandfather’s death through social media that evening, according to the Philippine news agency. One day, novel coronavirus pneumonia chief Yu smann told the public that he had been admitted to hospital because of the new crown pneumonia. He still said, “the mayor of Lin has been in good condition. Please continue to pray for him together Lin Wenluo was first elected mayor of Manila in 1992 and was re elected in 1995. He served as Philippine interior minister from 2000 to 2001, was elected Philippine senator in 2004, and was mayor of Manila for many years from 2007 to 2013. Estrada, former president of the Philippines and former mayor of Manila, and Lin Wenluo were rivals for Manila mayor. On the same day, Estrada posted on social media: rest in peace, Mayor Lin! Although we are political opponents, I know that we have a common goal, that is, to give Manila’s people, especially the poor, a better life. Manila will never forget you! On the same day, the Ministry of health of the Philippines reported 4226 new confirmed cases, of which 2669 were from the capital region; the total number of cases in the Philippines rose to 126885, and 57559 cases were still in the course of disease, of which 91.4% were mild, 7.3% were asymptomatic, 0.7% were severe and 0.6% were critical patients. There were 41 new deaths and 2209 deaths in total. Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital acceptance data show that half of the beds in the new crown pneumonia hospital are already in use. Among the 1500 ICU beds, more than 50% of the 49% or 4400 beds in 55% or 111 thousand and 500 separate beds in the 1500 intensive care units have been used. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was used in 2000 new Philippine pneumonia patients and 70% of them were still unused. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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