Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Brazil president’s youngest son

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most popular son of Bozo Nalo, Brazil’s president Bozo Nalo’s wife Anna Christina Wali, who was 22 years old, Bozo Nalo’s youngest son, confirmed by his social media account in the night of August 15th.

novel coronavirus pneumonia in April this year, Jair Renan Bosonaro denied that the new crown disease was in existence and seriousness in a video shared by social networks. He said this is the story of media fabrication, and the new crown pneumonia is only a small cold. Many novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in

‘s Bozo Nalo family: Bozo Nalo himself was diagnosed in July 7th; Brazil’s first lady Michel Bosonaro was diagnosed in July 30th; Michel Bosonaro’s grandmother died in August 12th.

novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil was diagnosed in August 15th, as of August 15th, 3317096 cases were cumulative, 107232 cases were cumulative, and the total number of rehabilitation was 2404272. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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