Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Bangladesh’s environment minister

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Mohamed Syahab Uddin, Minister of environment, forestry and climate change in Bangladesh, was tested in Bangladesh’s Institute of pathology and disease control and research in August 11th. According to Bangladesh media,

reported that the test results were positive in August 12th. < p > < p > Muhammad Shahab udin, 65, has diabetes and high blood pressure. Under the instruction of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, he was admitted to Dhaka joint military hospital for treatment on August 13. Prior to

novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by Jaside Farooq, Minister of state of the Ministry of water resources of Bangladesh, Minister of war of liberation Muzamel Hauke, and Chittagong’s minister of mountain affairs Bill Bahadur Ushasin. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 269115 cases in Bangladesh as of August 13th. 154871 cases were cured and 3557 cases died.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in China, and more than 2000 newly diagnosed cases have been confirmed every day for nearly two months. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported online novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in August 12th, and the new crown pneumonia designated hospitals were gradually restored to general hospitals. These decisions make local medical experts and the public worried about the future epidemic prevention and control. Skip to content

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