Notebook computer in these cases will have to scrap, repair is not helpful, the most sensible replacement!

In daily life, it is inevitable that there will be computer failures. Computer failures are divided into two parts, namely, hardware failures and software failures. Software failures are the most common faults of computers. Software failures do not affect the service life of computers. The most serious software failures are nothing more than system collapse. Reloading the operating system to computers can solve all software failures. Computer hardware failure is the most troublesome fault. Desktop computer hardware fault is much easier to judge than notebook computer hardware fault, because notebook computer hardware is small and highly intensive, many computer hardware are welded on the motherboard, and the maintenance difficulty and maintenance cost are higher than that of desktop computer motherboard. In fact, not all hardware faults of notebook computer are suitable for maintenance, some faults are 1 Once you encounter it, you have to scrap the computer directly. It’s useless to repair it again. It’s wise to choose a new one.

the biggest fear of a laptop is water and liquid. If the computer enters water when it is turned on, the computer will appear a blue disk phenomenon or turn off the computer automatically. According to my years of computer maintenance experience, the laptop with water in the startup state can be declared scrapped directly, and there is no need to repair it. It is not to say that the repair is not good, as long as you are willing to spend a large price Every computer can be repaired. Even if the notebook computer is repaired after it is flooded, there are some hidden dangers. Nowadays, the new notebook computer motherboard integrates memory module, CPU, north-south integrated bridge and other important chips. In addition, the circuit on the motherboard is very many and very responsible. The mainboard maintenance of the computer can be divided into two parts: chip level maintenance and signal level maintenance The sequelae of chip level fault is much less than that of signal level. If the notebook computer in the shutdown state of water, timely processing, generally no problem, there will be no sequelae.

the design precision of various types of notebook computers is relatively high. The notebook computer is composed of four shells, two axes, one key, one screen and one board. Four shells: a shell, B shell, C shell and D shell, in which ab shell is used to wrap the computer LCD screen, C shell is to wrap the keyboard, and D shell is to support the motherboard. Double axis: double axis is also called left and right axis and ab axis. The function of double axis is to connect AB surface with CD surface, which can flexibly open and close AB side of screen assembly. One key: a group of keyboards. One screen: it’s a LCD screen. One board: the motherboard assembly of the computer. Seriously damaged laptop will lead to ABCD shell and biaxial deformation, broken screen and main board deformation and fracture, which is not suitable for maintenance, maintenance cost is high and there are certain sequelae.

welding and flying wire are commonly used words in the maintenance industry. For maintenance businesses, as long as the computer is not turned on, they can charge for it. No matter how long your computer can be used, the repair shop only cares about whether the computer can be repaired and turned on, because they can charge for it, but it is not the same for customers. Welding repair is a temporary cure rather than a root cause, and the computer is 100% later There will be problems, flying wire maintenance is even more worthless, the mainboard damage that needs flying wire is absolutely not small, the more flying wires, the lower the value of computer maintenance.

many people don’t understand computers. When computers with very poor configuration are broken, they still choose to repair them. In fact, this kind of computers have lost the value of maintenance. I have seen many customers whose intrinsic value of computers is less than 100 yuan but spend 500 yuan or 600 yuan to repair them. For example, there is no need to repair such old computers. The hard disk in the computer can be scrapped after taking off the hard disk directly because of electricity All the data in the brain is stored in the hard disk.

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