New Zealand’s new crown outbreak reappeared 102 days later

According to New Zealand media “newshub” on August 12, local time on the evening of 11, New Zealand Prime Minister jessnda Aden announced that four new cases of new crown have been reported in the southern part of Auckland, one of the country’s largest cities. This is the first time in 102 days that a new crown has been confirmed in the country. In response, the New Zealand government announced that Auckland had entered a level 3 alert and called on all new Zealanders with “respiratory symptoms” to undergo nucleic acid testing. On the morning of August 12, jessinda Aden said in a television speech that the New Zealand general election scheduled for September 19 would be postponed due to a new round of epidemic, but no formal decision has been made. Jessinda also said that “the general election may be scheduled for any time before November 21.”. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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