New evidence comes to light! The United States covered up the biological warfare crime of Japanese 731 force

Recently, Chinese experts have made new discoveries in the research on biological warfare of Japanese invading China. There is evidence that the United States and Japan conducted a “devil’s deal” after World War II: the United States obtained a large amount of data on human experiments and bacterial warfare conducted by the 731 army under the condition of Exempting the members of Unit 731 from their war responsibilities. The only P4 Biological Laboratory of the U.S. Army, Fort Detrick, developed rapidly after the war, and these data played an important role. Unit 731 of Japanese invaders against China is a secret military force engaged in biological warfare and human experiments during World War II, and its headquarters are located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The new evidence found by the Harbin academy of Social Sciences shows that after World War II, the main members of the 731 army fled back to Japan. From September 1945 to December 1947, the United States interrogated at least 25 members of the 731 force and formed several reports. Through the translation, collation and analysis of the relevant files, Chinese experts also found the communication messages between the U.S. military in Japan, the U.S. Department of defense, and the headquarters of the joint staff. The core content of the messages is to exempt all members of the 731 force, so as to obtain all experimental data of the 731 force. Judging from the result of the incident, no one of the 731 members became the defendant in the US led Tokyo trial. < / P > < p > the newly exposed data also shows that all the people who went to investigate the human experiments and biological warfare of Unit 731 came from the US detrik base, which is now the US Fort Dietrich biochemical weapons base. Investigators received thousands of case slices transferred by 731 army, as well as anthrax, plague, typhoid and other human experimental data, and formed a series of reports on this basis, making the United States successfully grab the research results of Japan on biological warfare. < / P > < p > in recent years, residents around Fort detrik’s biological and chemical weapons base have been petitioning for the closure of the base. They wrote in the petition, “fort Dietrich’s weapons infiltrated into the ground, and this irresponsible act has affected thousands of people and caused my family, friends and neighbors rare cancers.” Researchers have also found agent orange, anthrax, weaponized botulinum, etc. near the base, and most of these were the research contents of 731 army at that time. The war of aggression launched by Japan at that time has brought serious disasters to the people of all countries in Asia, and the haze brought about by 731 army’s biological warfare research has not even completely dissipated. However, on the issue of reflecting on the responsibility of war crimes, the Japanese government has for many years been “not thinking about inflicting harm, but talking about victimization”. In August 1945, in order to urge Japan, which launched the war of aggression, to surrender as soon as possible, the US military launched two separate missions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For a long time, Japan has also described itself as a “victim” of World War II, especially the nuclear explosion. On August 6 and 9 this year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended and delivered a speech at the commemorative ceremony of the two places as usual. “The tragedies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the suffering that people have suffered as a result must not be allowed to repeat,” he said in his statement However, Abe did not mention the reasons and historical background of Japan’s bombing. India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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