Nearly 300 people in a sandwich factory in the UK have tested positive for new coronavirus

Nearly 300 employees of a sandwich factory in Northampton, UK, have tested positive for new coronavirus, Sky News reported on August 13. According to Lucy Whitman, director of public health at Northampton County Council, the outbreak occurred at greenco foods, where 292 people were tested positive for new coronavirus, 79 were tested positive for NHS, and 213 were tested by the factory itself. “Due to the increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in the Northampton area, we have decided to take the initiative to test all our colleagues at the Northampton plant,” greenco said in a statement. “We can confirm that many of our colleagues have tested positive for the virus and are isolating themselves.” “In each case, we immediately conduct contact tracking and instruct colleagues who may be affected to isolate themselves,” the company added Greenco is the world’s largest sandwich food manufacturer and a major supplier of supermarkets in the UK and Ireland. The plant in Northampton, which makes sandwiches for Martha’s supermarket in the UK, is currently producing “as usual” and has no concerns about its products. The plant has 2100 employees in Northampton, 1600 of whom are involved in the sandwich production process. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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