Nearly 100000 American children have been diagnosed within half a month, and the White House is still pushing back to school to protest, August 11 (Xinhua) according to a report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the association of children’s hospitals, in the last two weeks of July, at least 97078 children in the United States were tested positive for new crowns, an increase of 40% over previous weeks. With the White House’s call for the us to reopen schools in the autumn, the United States and China are increasingly concerned about the safety of students and staff, and strongly oppose the White House’s move. < / P > < p > according to a new study by the business insider website, about 36% of Republicans say that schools under Grade 12 in the United States should offer face-to-face teaching five days a week. Only 13% of Republicans think schools should offer five days of distance learning. In addition to the White House, several Republicans, including Georgia Governor John Kemp, are calling for the reopening of schools, arguing that students have a low risk of contracting and spreading the virus. However, scientific research has increasingly pointed out that children have the same risk of infection and transmission as adults. A South Korean study published in mid July found that people aged between 10 and 19 spread at the same rate as adults. On July 30, another study from Chicago’s JAMA pediatric hospital found that children’s viral load was as high as that of adults, suggesting that children may be “important vectors” for the spread of the new coronavirus. This trend is further confirmed by the recent outbreak of new outbreaks in summer camps and child care facilities, coupled with the rising infection rate among children and adolescents. < p > < p > according to AAP data, as of July 30, California, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina had the highest cumulative number of new crown outbreaks in pediatrics. In some areas, such as Indiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee and Georgia, as listed above, students have begun to return to school. Some schools found that students tested positive for the new coronavirus as soon as school started, and all close contacts were sent home for quarantine. Some students say they are “very nervous” and everyone may be isolated or expelled from school. The U.S. government forced schools to resume offline teaching, which met with strong opposition from staff. Staff in Florida, Tennessee and other States held up protest slogans on the streets, calling for the continuation of online teaching until tests show that “classrooms are safe” and schools can hire more nurses and support staff. In the face of the protest of the staff, the parents of the students expressed their support. They think it’s hard for children to keep social distance in school and lack the awareness of wearing masks. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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