Namibian officials tested positive for new coronavirus

as of novel coronavirus pneumonia, 138 new cases of pneumonia were confirmed in Namibia on August 13th at 15 hours local time, and 13 cases were cured. At present, 3544 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified and 27 died. According to local media reports, health minister shanggula said on the 12th that shimata, the Secretary-General of the government cabinet, had been confirmed positive for new coronavirus infection and had been isolated at home. At the same time, Prime Minister Sarah, Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister ndeteva, as contacts, have been isolated at home because a staff member of the prime minister’s office has been confirmed positive. At the same time, Minister shangura said that a staff member of the Ministry of health had confirmed the diagnosis, and he himself needed to undergo a nucleic acid test. Namibian meat Union has decided to close its headquarters office in Windhoek to cope with the growing outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the Sun reported. However, the ordering service will not be affected and will continue to place orders online. Namibian President gengos called on the people to do a good job of protection, strictly implement the relevant measures of epidemic prevention and control, and cancel all unnecessary travel, instead of relying on the police and other powerful departments to force them. Although epidemic prevention and control measures will have an impact on the national economy, it is crucial for people’s lives and health. Constellation

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