My brother died of illness Trump: he’s not only my brother, he’s a close friend

[Global Times correspondent Yang Zheng, Global Times correspondent Hu Hao] us cable TV network reported on the 16th that Robert trump, the younger brother of US President Donald Trump, died of illness in New York on Saturday. Trump made a public statement in memory of his brother. According to the New York Times, Robert trump, the youngest of Trump’s five siblings, is a supporter of Donald Trump. The former is more “moderate and low-key” and tries to maintain family unity and interests than the latter’s hardiness and coldness. In June this year, Robert trump also sued his second brother’s daughter, trying to prevent her from publishing a book to expose the trump family’s “black material”, but failed. US President trump issued a statement late that night, saying his brother Robert trump died in New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan at the age of 72, CNN reported on the 15th. “He is not only my brother, but also my best friend. People will miss him deeply and we will meet in the end,” he said in a statement The White House has not yet released the specific reason for Robert Trump’s death. But people familiar with the matter said he had been ill for months. On the same day, US presidential candidate and former Vice President Biden also tweeted his sympathy to trump, saying, “I understand the great pain of losing a loved one and how important family is at such a time. I want you to know that our prayers are with you. “. Robert was in the intensive care unit of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for a week in June. He was admitted to the hospital again because of the accident, and he was unable to answer the phone due to an accident. On Friday, after White House officials reported his brother’s condition to trump, trump visited him in Presbyterian Hospital for less than an hour. Later, at a White House press conference that day, trump refused to respond to reporters’ questions about Robert’s illness, but said: “I have a great brother, and I have had a long time of contact with him. He’s in the hospital now, and I hope he gets better. ” < / P > < p > Trump’s father, Fred trump, has five children. Donald Trump, born in 1946, ranked fourth, and Robert trump, born in 1948, ranked fifth. On top of them are two sisters and a brother. Among them, Marianne trump, the eldest sister, and Elizabeth trump, the third sister, are still alive. The former was a judge of the federal court of appeal under the Clinton administration, and the latter was an executive of Chase Manhattan Bank. Both of them have retired. The second brother, Fred trump, Jr., was a pilot and later worked in the family business trump group. He died of alcoholism in 1981 at the age of 42. As the youngest of the five, Robert trump graduated from Boston University and started his career in the Wall Street financial industry. Later, he joined the family business and managed the group’s real estate business as an executive. Family members, including Donald Trump himself, admit that although they are all businessmen, Robert’s personality is different from that of the current president, “more quiet and easygoing.”. According to the New York Times, Robert has the closest relationship with trump than other siblings, especially fred the younger. In his 1987 best-selling book, the art of trading, Donald admitted that he used to bully and intimidate his younger brother as a child, and called him “very popular and close to himself.”. But it is also said that before trump took office in the White House, the two brothers had been estranged. According to a biographer of the trump family, in the 1980s, Donald, who led the family business at that time, appointed Robert to be in charge of the Atlantic City casino project. However, the latter did not have the commercial means of the former and eventually lost business. Donald put all the blame on Robert and severely reprimanded the latter. Robert quit the family business and no longer worked for his brother. Later, Robert became a celebrity on Manhattan’s social networking site, and despite his wealth, he remained generally low-key. In 2007, he divorced his wife, who had been married for many years, and married his longtime girlfriend Annie Palan in March this year. < p > < p > CNN said that in order to win the support of the family, trump decided to take the initiative to ease the relationship with Robert after running for president of the United States, and Robert played the role of spokesman of the trump family and even Trump’s high-level behind the scenes role. In an interview with the New York Post in 2016, Robert said that if Donald Trump needed help, he would “stand behind him as much as he could and support him 1000 percent.”. In July this year, Mary trump, the niece of President trump and the daughter of Fred trump, Jr., published the book “never satisfied: how my family created the most dangerous people in the world”, revealing the life of the trump family and exposing the ugly behavior of trump such as tax evasion. A month before the book was published, Robert filed a lawsuit on behalf of his family in New York court, trying to ban the book from publication, calling it “appalling and distorting the image of our family.”. At the end of his life, he was still supporting his brother in dispute. According to the New York Times, trump did not forget to visit his brother while fighting with Biden for the position of the next president, which was totally different from that when his brother Fred Jr. died in 1981. Trump’s niece Mary said that trump not only did not visit, but also went to see a movie and talked about beauties and wine. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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