Multiple exposure points to a new entry machine, there may be two

In the fierce market competition, “only do high-end flagship” seems to have been unable to meet the small number of mobile phone brands to increase revenue, or in order to further popularize the mass group. After the product line has divided into Pro Model and Nord midrange model just released earlier, Yijia seems ready to open its own Jihai mode.

according to foreign media reports, a developer found a new Yijia home code named bilied in the operating system of Yijia oxygenos version 10.5, and the chip model is sm6350 (Qualcomm snapdragon 690). Then, a rendering of the new machine came out. From the design of the rear dual camera, it was speculated that it should be a medium and low-end model.

now, geekbench has recorded another score information from the one plus new mobile phone. This one plus clover mobile phone, which uses the high pass snapdragon 660 and carries 4GB of memory, has scored 1495 points for multiple cores and 336 points for a single core. It’s obviously a more entry-level model than bilied.

it is not difficult to see that Yijia has already prepared for full coverage. If the good flagship word-of-mouth accumulated at home and abroad can be transformed into medium and low-end products with better volume and profit, it is undoubtedly an effective way of revenue. However, there is no final conclusion on these products, and it is not clear when and where Yijia will choose to sell them.

on July 21, Yijia released Nord, a heavyweight midrange mobile phone, which was sold at the lowest price of 379 US dollars (European region), about RMB 3360 yuan. This mobile phone with 90hz 6.44 inch Samsung AMOLED display screen, equipped with snapdragon 765G (5g), 30W warp charge 30t cable charging and 32 million four camera combination, has high cost performance and won the printing overseas Degree, European and other first-line users praise.

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