More than 40 people in an American family have been infected with the new coronavirus because of relatives’ concealment of illness

overseas network, novel coronavirus pneumonia, in August, 12, a large family in West Virginia, a family of more than 40 people infected with a new crown virus, was hidden from a new crown pneumonia by a relative. Polly Williams, from Kermit, West Virginia, said a relative infected with the new coronavirus had come from Arizona to attend the funeral, but she did not disclose her illness, leading to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in her family, the Daily Mail reported. Williams said she and her family gathered in Wayne County, West Virginia, on July 2 to mourn her dead cousin, but no one wore masks during the funeral. “This relative, who came from other places, didn’t feel very well during the funeral, and I thought she might be tired of flying and not getting enough sleep,” Williams said. But in the next few days, her condition deteriorated. She should have gone to see a doctor, but she still didn’t tell us anything < p > < p > only after Williams’ family learned that the relative’s husband and son had been infected with the new coronavirus a few days ago. “On the night watch, one of the family’s children shared a room with the relative, and then he became the first of us to test positive, and that’s how it started.” < / P > < p > over the next month, the virus “spread like wildfire,” infecting Williams himself and other family members, and even to friends who did not come to the funeral, including a 2-year-old girl. At present, each family member has to be isolated for two weeks, and the church where the funeral is held is disinfected. < p > < p > Williams said angrily, “in my opinion, it’s selfish and unforgivable to fly to another state knowing that you’re going to infect people around you. She should at least put on her mask and gloves to tell us that she is ill and let us keep a distance from her Williams said that she wanted to tell more people about the severity of the new coronavirus through her own experience, so that people could be more vigilant. “I hope the public will understand what we are going through and how to prevent it from happening. I want you to know how serious the new coronavirus is, and if you don’t admit it frankly, it will become a disaster Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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