More than 21.79 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, and two senior officials of CDC resigned

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 21792373 cases around 6:30 Beijing time, and 772244 cases were diagnosed as cumulative deaths, and 83 cases were confirmed by over 10000 cases in

Worldometer, according to the real-time statistical data of the website of Worldometer. The global epidemic situation is still severe. As the epicenter of the global epidemic, the trend of various countries has attracted much attention. Two U.S. CDC officials resigned Sunday, and the youngest son of the Brazilian president was infected with the new coronavirus, both of which have become the focus of attention. European countries are facing the threat of a rebound, Spain launched new measures to prevent the epidemic, and Russia continued to promote the development of new coronal vaccine. In Africa, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in some countries has been aggravated, and the epidemic in South Africa has eased. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 5564159 cases around 6:30 Beijing time in August 17th, according to Worldometer real-time statistics. 173072 cases died in total. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, 38152 new confirmed cases and 536 new deaths occurred in the United States.

the current novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the United States is not optimistic, but there are also many differences between the Centers for Disease Control and prevention and the White House on the epidemic response. A spokesman for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that chief of staff Kyle McGovern and deputy director Amanda Campbell announced their departure on the 14th. They were all appointed by President trump. According to the source, both left voluntarily. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Brazil on August 16th evening, 23101 new cases were confirmed, 3340197 cases were diagnosed, 620 new deaths and 107852 deaths were reported in

. At present, Brazil still ranks second in the world in confirmed cases and deaths, after the United States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is confirmed by

‘s Brazil’s first wife Christina, who is the youngest son of Renan Bosonaro, Bozo Nalo, in social media. “My baby son is infected with the new coronavirus,” ristina said on her instagram account. He’s fine now. He’s taking hydroxychloroquine, and he’ll recover soon. ” Reinan is bosonaro’s fourth son. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed at

on August 17th. Around 6:30 Beijing time, the statistics of Worldometer website showed that 3165084 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 48 countries and regions in Europe, and 203119 cases died. According to the data, the three countries with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases in Europe are Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom. < / P > < p > the rebound of epidemic situation in European countries has been continuously concerned. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, due to the increasing trend of overseas travel related cases and the risk of clustering infection during summer break, local time on August 14, local time, brasilicata region in the south of the country issued a local decree, stipulating that from now on to September 7, residents returning from abroad should be isolated at home for 14 days, and all indoor and outdoor residents in the region should be kept indoors and outdoors Dance halls and other places where people gather need to be closed. In view of the recent rebound of the epidemic situation in many places in Spain, the Ministry of health of Spain reached an agreement on a new epidemic prevention policy after consulting with the governments of various autonomous regions, and formulated 11 measures. Spain’s health minister Elia said at a news conference that these are only “minimum” epidemic prevention measures, and the autonomous regions can take more stringent measures. < / P > < p > according to the Tass news agency, the new crown vaccine research conducted by Russia’s National Research Center for epidemiology and microbiology of gamaliya will enter the third stage and is expected to start within 7-10 days. The news was revealed by Alexander kinzburg, who led the study. The study is expected to involve tens of thousands of people. In addition, kinzburg also told the media that Russia will start to implement large-scale vaccination of the new crown vaccine when the vaccine production capacity can meet the demand in one month. < p > < p > the British government removed France from the list of countries exempted from immigration quarantine on the 13th due to the recent surge in the epidemic in France. After 4:00 on the 15th, anyone returning from France to the UK must be quarantined at home for two weeks to ensure that if they have been infected with the new coronavirus, it will not spread outside the home. About 160000 British tourists are on holiday in France, AFP said. Many British tourists rushed out of France before the new rules came into effect.

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 1122230 cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in 57 countries and regions in Africa and 25646 cases died in August 17th at around 6:30 Beijing time at Worldometer. The top three countries with confirmed cases were South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria.

recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in some African countries has been developing. Mary Stephens, technical officer of the World Health Organization’s regional office for Africa, has said that Africa has not yet reached the peak of the epidemic, and more than 80% of the new cases come from countries that have implemented the policy of unsealing. Many countries in Africa are facing the problem that the epidemic situation rebounds while relaxing the epidemic prevention measures. < / P > < p > in many African countries, the epidemic situation in South Africa began to ease. South African President Rama fossa announced on the 15th local time that the “national ban” would be downgraded from the 17th to further restore and develop the economy, as the country’s epidemic situation has improved significantly. Rama said that novel coronavirus pneumonia has achieved some results in the process of the outbreak. The epidemic trend shows that the country has already had the peak of the epidemic and medical institutions also have enough resources to cope with the epidemic. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in India has risen to 2589682 cases, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health of India on 16 July,

. In the past 24 hours, 63489 new confirmed cases have been reported in India, with an increase of more than 50000 cases per day for 18 consecutive days. There were 944 new deaths and 49980 deaths. According to Indian media reports, a military hospital in New Delhi, India, issued a statement on the 16th, pointing out that former Indian president Mukherjee’s physical condition has not improved, is still in coma, and is now using a ventilator to assist life system. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was admitted to hospital in August 10th, and Mukherjee was found to have cerebral thrombosis in the subsequent examination. The hospital had performed thrombus clearance operation for him. The 84 year old was admitted to hospital. < p > < p > according to the statistics of Japan Broadcasting Association television station, as of 20:00 on August 16, 1021 new cases of new crown were confirmed in Japan. More than 1000 new cases have been confirmed in Japan for four consecutive days, and more than 1000 new confirmed cases have been added in 12 days since August. According to the data, there are 56214 confirmed cases in Japan, 10 new deaths and 1103 deaths. In Asian countries, except India and Japan, 55747 cases were diagnosed in Singapore, 92404 in Israel and 15318 cases in South Korea. In addition to the United States and Brazil, there were 525803 confirmed cases in Peru, 517714 cases in Mexico and 383902 cases in Chile in the American countries. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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