More than 100000 British tourists fled France

“The British are on the run from France!” According to the German news agency 16 daily, the European epidemic has rebounded in recent week, and countries have tightened their epidemic prevention measures. In order to avoid being isolated after returning home, hundreds of thousands of British tourists on holiday in France are urgently “returning home” in various ways. < / P > < p > the British government announced that from 4:00 local time on the 15th, all passengers entering the UK from France, the Netherlands, Maltese and Monaco must be quarantined for 14 days, and offenders will face punishment. British Transport Secretary grant issued a statement saying the reason is that the new crown infection rate in the above countries is too high. Spain and Belgium were already on the British quarantine list. < / P > < p > France is the second most popular holiday destination in the UK. The decision has rattled half a million Britons who are currently on holiday and travel in France. When they learned of the government’s decision, they had to rush to the port, airport and railway station to go home early because they did not want to return home and were isolated. As a result, the return ticket price has risen to about six times the normal price. According to the British government, about 160000 passengers returned to the UK in time. < / P > < p > many European media believe that it is understandable that the United Kingdom has taken strict epidemic prevention measures against France and other six places. According to the latest notice from the French Ministry of health, more than 252000 cases have been diagnosed in France as of noon on the 16th, German television reported on the 16th. In addition, the epidemic situation in the United Kingdom is not optimistic, with more than 319000 cases diagnosed at noon on the 16th. Even in Germany, where the epidemic situation was well controlled before, there was a big rebound. On the 15th, 1449 new cases were confirmed and more than 224000 cases were confirmed by noon on the 16th. In addition, Spain ranks first in Europe with more than 342 000 confirmed cases, while Italy has 253000 cases. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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