“Mom, are you going to die?” Most children want to know the answer. What should parents do

Mom, are you going to die? When children ask such questions, it is estimated that many parents will avoid talking about it. They are not willing to discuss birth, aging and death with their children prematurely. They think it is too cruel for their children.

but children will always grow up. They will find that the people around them are slowly aging, and then gradually leave them. If the parents do not give them death education in advance, then the children will be confused and even afraid.

so when grandparents, grandparents, or relatives die, children can only look up to the sky when they miss them, because they believe what their parents say to themselves, and these relatives will look at themselves in the sky.

when a child is young, in order to prevent the child from fear and shadow of death, when people or things around us leave us, parents always make up some beautiful lies.

so in children’s eyes, death is not terrible, so they will take death as a game and often talk about it, because they don’t know what death means.

this will make children do a lot of meaningless actions. They will learn from Spiderman and jump down from the window with their sheets on; they will directly want to jump out of the building to end their lives because of the pressure of learning

the original intention of children’s actions may not be that they really want to give up life, but they don’t know how to revere life, so they will not cherish life. Instead, they will regard themselves as the cat demon with nine lives and simply think that the end of one life is the beginning of another.

therefore, parents or schools should properly carry out death education for their children, such as allowing children to participate in hospice care activities, so that children can have close contact with those who are about to die, and experience what they feel and realize when they are dying.

so that children can truly understand the meaning of life. They often take the initiative to think, what is life? What is death? What should we do when we have to face death?

only by letting children know that there is only one life, it is fair to anyone. Even if one spends tens of millions of dollars, it can not save the lives of those who are about to leave.

so each of us should cherish life well. At least in the last moment of life, we can recall our life without regret and regret. We can happily tell ourselves that this life has not come in vain.
what is the most important influence on children’s parents’ view of education in the world.

if parents always avoid talking about death with their children, then children will try to figure out the meaning of death according to their own will, and it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no deviation.

of course, in addition to family education, schools and society also play an important role in children’s death education. Only with the cooperation of the three parties can children really understand the truth of death.

death means that we will never come back, that is, we will lose him forever. In this way, children will be sad, but they will also know death.

there is a talk about death in this is us, the best American drama of the year with Douban word-of-mouth 9.5.

when the young girl saw her grandfather, who was suffering from cancer, she could not help worrying about her grandfather. She asked her uncle Kevin, who was in her twenties, whether her grandfather would die?

Kevin did not use profound language to tell children about the great truth, but just used a picture to explain our life course to children. The whole picture used a variety of colors and messy lines, which seemed to have no aesthetic feeling.

he told the little girl that it was a messy, wild and colorful painting, with no beginning and no end, but this is our life.

so when faced with children’s questions, parents can definitely tell their children that every one of us will die, even in a flash.

life itself is one cycle after another. No one can escape from the samsara. However, even if he dies, his love for his children will continue. I hope that children can turn grief into strength and comfort the dead with their own growth.

if death is always avoided and discussed, or if death is simply regarded as pathetic and taboo, then children will feel the thoughts of their parents and naturally fear death.

parents must know that we can’t avoid death. In the face of death, we must have a correct understanding. Although death is a black topic, it can not affect our sunny heart.

only when we treat death calmly and learn to cherish life can children become open-minded and not always full of anxiety and grow up in fear all day long.

this film does not talk about death rigidly and obscurely. Instead, it describes the kinship and love between people, as well as the irresistible ties between people. Through the form of animation, children can understand death through moving.

because they also have their own lives. Just like people, they are trying to live and shine with all their strength. This is exactly the meaning of life. Although humble, it is still full of vitality.

give children a little time to digest and learn to accept the reality of their loved ones’ passing away. Only when children come out of their negative emotions can they return to their own lives as soon as possible.

tell children the value of life, let them know how to cherish life, don’t avoid death education for children. When children really understand the meaning of life, everything will change, and it is enough to make them better.

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