Microsoft will cancel Xbox LIVE gold service

We know: in the game console, if you want to enjoy the multiplayer online play, usually there is an extra charge. Even if players don’t want to, the game company has many ways to make you have to spend the money. For example, the phenomenal game “gather! In the animal friends’ meeting, visiting friends islands and downloading other people’s design requires NSO membership service.

the first manufacturer to “design” the above-mentioned paid services was Microsoft, and then Sony and Nintendo joined the ranks. If players want to connect to play Xbox games, they need to pay to subscribe to Xbox LIVE gold. However, recent news shows that Microsoft may be the first company to give up this charging method again!

in fact, rumors have been circulating for some time that Xbox LIVE gold gold members will disappear. Recently, on twitter, a well-known overseas social platform, the speech of “Jeff Grubb”, a senior figure of foreign media “gamebeat”, once again “confirms” the above statement. He said: the Xbox LIVE gold service will stop soon, players will be free to play online games on Xbox in the future, and Microsoft will not force people to buy Xbox game pass ultimate. After

, Jeff Grubb added: the decision is not limited to free games, but the entire Xbox LIVE gold membership service will be cancelled. Of course, this is just one side of “Jeff Grubb”, which has not been officially confirmed. However, this big man has always been a very reliable source of information, and many of the things he disclosed before have been proved to be correct.

in his opinion, Microsoft should cancel the Xbox LIVE gold service and allow players to play online games on Xbox for free. I don’t think that’s because I’m a fan of “Jeff Grubb,” but because Microsoft’s game strategy has changed in recent years. A few days ago, the doctor shared with you the article “want to be Netflix in the game industry? Microsoft’s ambition is a little bit big “, which describes the change of Xbox brand strategy.

after watching the “Xbox games showcase”, I have a strong feeling that Microsoft has never thought of competing with Sony in the console market in the long run. The host market is just a springboard. Microsoft actually wants to be “Netflix in the game world”! Whether it is smart delivery technology or Xbox game pass service, it indicates that Microsoft is looking at a large number of PC players and PC game market. I believe that many people and doctors, will have a feeling: xsx is a customized, dedicated to play games and the existence of the computer!

in the process of using Xbox game pass service to open up the host market and PC market, the setting of “charging for multiplayer games” has become an obstacle. After all, the point card service in online games has become an outdated charging method. Therefore, the doctor also believes that the Xbox LIVE gold payment service will be cancelled. However, Sony and Nintendo should not follow suit. They do not have the foundation of Microsoft in the PC market.

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