Meng Wa’s shopping mall admits her mistake, and her mother’s action in the next second makes people cry

Recently, a netizen in Chengdu uploaded a video on the Internet. In the video, a cute baby recognized her mother in the mall and held her in her arms. After seeing her mother in law, the next second’s action made people cry. Let’s take a look at the scene.

recently, a netizen from Chengdu uploaded a video to the Internet, which attracted many netizens’ praise. In the video, the netizen was on his way to work when he met a little boy who suddenly came to call his mother and held her for a long time. He was confused at that time, but he was also holding the baby in his arms and waiting for adults to find him.

then, the little boy’s mother rushed to the scene and saw that her child was holding someone else. She was also very confused. After calling the baby, the little boy turned his head and found that “another” mother was standing there. After trying to identify himself, he found that the one holding him was not his own mother, but the little boy did not immediately change from “mother” From the body down, but kiss the “mother”, is really too warm heart!

then, the mother and the netizen added wechat to each other. The mother expressed her gratitude for the woman’s gentle treatment. It’s really wonderful that one child brings two people’s fate, and such a baby is really warm.

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