May trump “pardon” Snowden? Lawyer Snowden: it’s humiliation

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to the US “New York Post” on the 16th, US President trump hinted at a news conference on the 15th that he might pardon Edward Snowden, a former contract worker of the US National Security Agency. “I don’t know about Snowden,” trump said. I’ll find out. It involves a lot of people, and people seem to have divided views on what to make. Many people think that Snowden’s attitude should be different from what it is now, while others think he has done a bad thing. I’ll think about it. ” In an exclusive interview with the New York Post recently, trump said that “a lot of people think that he has been treated unfairly” by the US law enforcement agencies. < / P > < p > according to the report, Snowden’s amnesty will be another “major change” for trump. Before trump took office in the White House, he had tweeted at least 45 times criticizing Snowden, calling him a “traitor” and “a shame”. Today, Russian TV station quoted Snowden’s lawyer as saying on the 16th that it was humiliating to talk about “pardoning” Snowden, because Snowden did not commit a crime, and he was acting for the interests of American citizens and the whole human race. In 2013, Snowden exposed us eavesdropping programs around the world. After being wanted by the U.S. government, Snowden fled to Russia to seek political asylum, where he has lived for seven years. Skip to content

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