Mauritius is in the crisis of “fuel pollution”, Japan and France provide emergency assistance

[Global Times reporter Sun Weihu Hao] Reuters reported on the 10th that a Japanese cargo ship ran aground off the Indian Ocean island country of Mauritius, and recently began to leak a large amount of oil, polluting the surrounding sea water, coral reefs and beaches. On the evening of 9 local time, the government of Mauritius announced that the country was facing a “huge environmental crisis” and asked for help from the outside world. French and Japanese governments have sent expert teams to the country to help local people control the spread of pollution, but environmental groups say the disastrous consequences of the accident are irreparable. In addition to the Japanese freighter, the slow-moving local government should also be responsible for the incident. The Japanese bulk carrier, ruocheo, flying the Panamanian flag and planning to go to Brazil, ran aground on a reef passing southeast of Mauritius on July 25, Reuters said. On August 6, the ship’s fuel tank burst, leaking a large amount of fuel. At least 1000 tons of fuel oil has been sent into the sea and the ship was still carrying as much as 3800 tons of fuel when it ran aground, according to Mitsui Co., the carrier’s operator. Fuel oil was continuously discharged from the ship. A large area of the sea became black, and a large amount of oil and mud poured onto the nearby white sand beach. Not only was the sea water and the beach seriously polluted, but also the nearby towns such as maerburg and old Dagang were also under threat. “A huge environmental crisis has become a reality.”. After the oil leakage, many local non-governmental organizations in Mauritius called on the public to help clean up the oil pollution. Tens of thousands of volunteers took action, using homemade tools along the coastline to try to stop the spread of oil. On the evening of 7, the government of Mauritius announced that the country had entered an “environmental emergency”. President Jacques jagnath appealed to the French government for help, saying that the country did not have the ability to restart ships and control the spread of oil pollution. France is the former colonial monarchy of Mauritius, and the latter’s largest trading partner and donor. French President Marco ó n immediately said that he would send professional personnel to Mauritius for emergency support. The French air force plane would start from French Reunion Island, which is nearest to Mauritius, to transport oil pollution control equipment to the scene of the incident. French navy ships would also transport equipment such as oil boom to support local people. Mitsui Co., the carrier of the accident, held a news conference on the same day, Japan’s Shimbun news agency said on the 9th that the company’s executives said that they were “very sorry” for the marine pollution caused by the grounding and oil leakage of the freighter, and promised to “spare no effort to solve this problem and minimize the impact as far as possible” with the shipowner, Japan Changpu steamship company China sends experts and staff to help solve the problem. Japan’s foreign ministry said a six member expert group from the maritime security agency, the Ministry of foreign affairs and Japan’s international cooperation agency left for Mauritius on the 10th. Japanese foreign officials admitted that the accident will have a serious impact on the environment and tourism industry of Mauritius, and Japan hopes to do its best to help Mauritius recover its environment and avoid the expansion of marine pollution. < / P > < p > according to the government of Mauritius, the crew members of the stranded cargo ship have been transferred ashore, and the black boxes and documents have been found. Relief workers have begun to use helicopters to extract the remaining fuel from the freighter. However, due to the strong wind and high waves in the nearby sea area, the pumping operation is affected, and the progress is very slow, and the cracks of the cargo ship are gradually expanding, so there is a risk of hull fracture. At present, while cleaning up the fuel, the staff set up fences at sea to prevent the fuel from flowing into the nearby wild bird habitat. The government of Mauritius has asked people in nearby towns to avoid going to the sea area, and primary and secondary schools are temporarily suspended. The Mauritian police said they had launched an investigation into the incident, including the investigation into whether there was any dereliction of duty on board. It is reported that before the incident, the Mauritian Coast Guard issued a warning to the Japanese freighter, but the ship failed to respond, so that it hit a reef and ran aground. According to AFP, the oil spill area is located in the ecotourism area on the southeast coast of Mauritius, where there are famous blue bay and Egret Island nature reserves. There are abundant coral reefs on the sea floor and many endangered wild animals and plants are inhabited. There is no doubt that the oil spill has dealt a heavy blow to tourism in Mauritius, a country of 1.3 million people, which is heavily dependent on tourism. What’s more, if fuel pollution continues to expand, it will damage the fragile coastal ecosystem here, and pollution control is an unbearable burden for the country. Environmentalists also said that from the current situation, “serious pollution has been caused, it is difficult to recover.”. Mauritius, originally known as “Paradise Country” and “sea paradise”, will be overshadowed. < p > < p > < p > < p > Japan Economic News reported on the 10th that the environmental pollution caused by the fuel leakage of Japanese cargo ships has caused worldwide concern. In principle, the loss caused by the oil spill accident will be borne by the ship owner and the operator. How the Japanese companies respond, including how to make compensation, will become the focus. Around this matter, the public opinion of Mauritius in China is boiling. The people of the country said that not only should the ship responsible for the accident bear the main responsibility, but the relevant government departments should also explain why the government failed to do anything effective within two weeks after the ship was grounded. Political opposition parties in the country have therefore called on the environment and Fisheries ministers to resign. Local environmental groups said that due to the slow action of relevant departments, “no one can trust the government any more”, and people have taken spontaneous actions to try to save the environment in which they live. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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