Ma Shuya’s daughter was dissuaded from kindergarten wearing “diapers”: smart parents know how to let go at the right time

One thing parents should understand is that they don’t send their children to kindergarten when they are old. Kindergartens are not nurseries. They are not responsible for teaching children to eat, sleep and go to the toilet. If parents do not teach their children to take care of themselves, then the children will not be able to keep up with them in the kindergarten, and the teachers will not have the energy to take care of every child. Then it will be their own children who suffer at that time.

before kindergarten, children lack self-care ability. On the one hand, parents are too busy to spend time with their children, so they can’t teach their children to take care of themselves; on the other hand, because of their doting, they are reluctant to let go of their children.

in a reality show, Ma Shuya, a female star, takes care of her daughter in every detail because she dotes on her daughter. For example, worrying about her daughter’s bumping, she would empty all the furniture, and the whole family would sit on a carpet to eat. This scene is really breathtaking.

However, Ma Shuya did not teach children any self-care ability. When her daughter reached the age of kindergarten, Ma Shuya let her 3-year-old daughter wear diapers. All aspects of the child are naturally unable to keep up with the teacher, so the teacher suggested that she should take her daughter home first.

Ma Shuya’s excessive love for her daughter made her look down on her foreign husband and was criticized by netizens: “it’s irresponsible to be a mother!”

Ma Shuya’s practice has exposed common mistakes in parenting: the more parents are reluctant to let their children suffer, the more they will suffer in the future. Smart parents know how to let go at the right time.

when parents feed their children, most of them are worried that the children will not be good to eat or eat too slowly, and the food will be cold. However, the more parents feed their children, the less they will not eat by themselves. When he goes to kindergarten and no one feeds him, the child will be hungry.

sleeping, going to the toilet, wearing clothes, shoes and so on, these abilities are not difficult for children to learn. It is important for parents to be patient and not to take care of their children if they do not do well or move too slowly.

most children are reluctant to leave their parents on the first day of kindergarten, resulting in “separation anxiety”. In the face of unfamiliar environment, they are not good at communicating with classmates and teachers, can not integrate into the collective, and may be rejected by children.

such children are generally introverted and less talkative, while extroverts and talkers are more adaptable and sociable. Therefore, parents should spend more time with their children, bring them into contact with others, and encourage them to express their ideas boldly.

the first step for a child to grow up is to leave his parents. Some parents will worry about their children being bullied, abused by bad teachers, abducted by traffickers, etc., but children can’t stay in their parents’ greenhouse all their lives. To make their children thrive, they need to teach them how to protect themselves.

for example, if you are bullied at school, you should tell your parents or teachers in time, and you can’t bear to be bullied; when your parents come to pick up after school, don’t pay attention to strangers, eat sweets from strangers, call security guards or police in case of danger.

parenting is also self-cultivation. No one is born to be a parent, but they learn gradually in the process of parenting. Therefore, while cultivating children’s self-care ability, parents are also learning how to be a smart parent and learn to let go of their children at the right time.

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