Little sister computer boot screen does not show, repair after playing shameless, man: 10 yuan tip is too small?

Computers do bring great convenience to our life, such as online shopping, games and entertainment, office learning, etc., but computers will also increase our troubles in the process of our use, such as black screen, blue screen, crash, no response of loader and other faults. For these failures, some are caused by hardware problems, some are caused by software problems, and some are caused by software problems Hardware problems are disassembly and replacement. For software problems, it is to repair and re install the system. For computer Xiaobai, when a computer fails, it is often shut down and restarted. If it still can’t be solved, it will query the information according to the fault phenomenon of the computer. If it still can’t be solved, it will find professional maintenance personnel to repair. Today, I met a public servant My sister at the front desk of the company called me and asked me to repair the computer. At last, I repaired the computer, but the settlement fee was rogue. What’s going on?

at eight o’clock in the morning, I was still having breakfast when a phone call came. There was a little sister at the other end of the phone. She said that her computer in the company couldn’t be turned on. Let me go and have a look. Her computer is a bar computer. Employees can open it and other important documents are on this computer. Let me get there as soon as possible. The price is negotiable! At that time, I went by according to the address provided by my little sister before I finished my meal. When I arrived at the company she said, my little sister had been waiting for a long time. I turned on the computer. You can see the picture. The fault of the computer is that the host has no display, and the host is running normally. This kind of fault is one of our common faults. The common reasons are as follows:

CPU feigned dead Incompatibility, damage and other faults will cause the computer to turn on and not display. The possibility of incompatibility accounts for 90%. First, we take down the radiator, then press the CPU with the thumb, and then turn on the computer. If the computer can be turned on normally, our fault can be solved. If it can not be solved, we are replacing the CPU for troubleshooting.

memory module and independent graphics card are the two hardware that are most likely to have poor contact. At this time, we only need to take down the memory module and the video card, use the rubber to wipe the golden finger several times, and then turn on the computer. If it can be turned on normally, our computer fault will be solved. If it can not be solved, we have to replace the card slot or other memory and graphics card The problem has been solved.

the main board memory slot damage, CPU base damage, graphics card slot damage, north-south bridge chip set damage will cause the computer to fail to power on, this retrieval process is more troublesome, we usually determine the motherboard fault after eliminating other faults.

the power loss leads to the rated power of the power supply and the normal operation of the hardware of the computer. Finally, the computer screen does not display. At this time, we have to replace the high-power power supply to solve the problem.

the above are the causes of our common faults. As for which kind of fault, we need further detection to determine. Before we started, I took the initiative to tell the front desk lady about the charging details. If the computer is a small problem, it will cost 50 yuan. If it is a major fault, it depends on the hardware. The price is calculated separately. If it is not repaired, the detection fee will be 50 yuan, miss Sister was in a hurry to repair, so she agreed.

first of all, I plugged in and out the memory module of the computer, and found that the fault was still there. Then I plugged in the video card, and the fault was solved. You can see the picture. This is caused by the standard poor contact. After seeing that the computer fault was solved, the little sister was very happy, so she expressed her gratitude to me. She gave me a direct transfer at that time The account was 10 yuan. At that time, I thought that the young lady was sensible, but after I gave her 10 yuan, I didn’t pay attention to me. According to the price agreed before the maintenance, I had to pay at least 50 yuan. So I told my little sister about the maintenance cost.

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