Let’s show you the accessories that ordinary players can’t use for a lifetime

I believe that many of the friends who read this article have replaced their computers with accessories, and even installed their own computers. In fact, installing a computer is not a very difficult job. You just need to put all the accessories together according to the correct method, and then you can install the system and use it.

in fact, in computer accessories, there are some products with special uses that are not normally used in normal installation. Although there are few applicable scenarios, the product itself is very interesting. Today, let’s take a look at some of these amazing accessories ~

an ultra-thin down pressure radiator is an essential equipment for many mini chassis enthusiasts to install. In order to compress the volume as much as possible, the side blown radiator with a height of more than ten centimeters was dropped by pass at the beginning. Some friends may make do with the heat sink that comes with the box CPU. However, in some cases where the height of the heat sink is more extreme, and there are friends who have higher requirements on the heat dissipation effect, this jinhetian jingle four copper tube air-cooled CPU radiator can shine brilliantly.

in some small cases, the height of CPU heat sink is only 40mm. This 38mm high heat dissipation is the limit of the limit. Although it is small in size and difficult to install, four direct contact heat pipes can bring good heat dissipation effect and can face CPU with up to 105W TDP.

friends who have bought a video card know that the manufacturer has spent a lot of time on the front appearance of the graphics card. No matter the fans, lights, lines and logos are mainly on the front. While the normal horizontal graphics card, facing the top of our real graphics card, only a small narrow area, almost nothing can be seen.

using the vertical package to extend the PCIe interface and install the graphics card vertically in the chassis can obtain a better display effect. Moreover, under the vertical stress, the bending and interface fracture of the graphics card PCB board can be almost completely avoided.

most of the time, due to the length and appearance problems, the wires brought by the power supply can not meet the requirements of demanding players. Players need to customize the module wires in the store. When the wires with reasonable length, soft touch and neat arrangement are installed into the chassis, every friend who does it himself can’t help cheering.

after reading these hardware that ordinary players may not use in their lifetime, do you have a deeper understanding of the installation? The next time you install the machine, you may choose a few of them to add color to your new machine.

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