Leaving the isolated hotel without permission

A man in his 30s left an isolated Hotel and took a taxi home without permission. After being found out by the health authorities, he said, “the sanitary conditions in the room are too poor.”. < p > < p > according to Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” on the 8th, the man stayed in the akademiya hotel in Osaka for isolation on the 6th. After the hotel assigned him a room, he said, “there is too much dust in the room. Can you change it?”. The hotel later showed him other rooms, but the man said “it’s better than the original one” and went back to the original room. But on that night, he took a taxi home without authorization. < / P > < p > on the morning of 7th, in order to carry out health observation, the nurse repeatedly called his mobile phone, but no one answered. After contacting his family that night, he learned that he had returned home and was sleeping. The man then told the health department, “the sanitary conditions in the room were too poor, so he went home. I’m very sorry for the trouble. As isolation measures in Japan are not mandatory, a number of confirmed patients have left hospitals and isolation facilities without authorization, according to the report. On the 3rd of this month, another confirmed patient at the Akademia hotel also went out without permission and went shopping in a nearby store. On July 30, a confirmed patient in his 40s in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, escaped from the hospital after breaking the door lock of his ward, but was turned away by his wife when he wanted to go home. 62538 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India were confirmed to be 2 million.

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