King’s glory: Yao fmvp skin two kinds of shape contrast, flying eagle cloud will skin special effect how?

Yao flying eagle cloud has two skin forms: normal form and enhanced form. The common form of a skill looks like a name. Releasing a skill can see a blue and black circle and a very small cloud pattern. However, the enhanced form of a skill seems to be more advanced. It not only has the special effect of golden ginkgo leaves, but also has a lot of cloud patterns. What’s more, players can also see the feather effect in enhanced form. There are several different colors in the skill effect. The sword in their hand also appears phantom, which looks very cool.

the common form of the two skills looks better than that of the first skill. Releasing the second skill can see the light blade effect and the golden ginkgo leaf effect, but the ordinary form of the light blade is relatively monotonous. The skill special effects of enhanced form of two skills look very handsome. After releasing the two skills, you can see more light blade effects, and there are cloud patterns. On the cloud pattern effect, there are two eagles flying. It can be said that the enhanced form is more handsome than the ordinary form of skill effects.

conclusion: the two forms of Yao Feiying cloud general are different. In terms of skills and special effects, the enhanced form is much better than the ordinary form, but the skin models are all the same handsome.

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