Just now, a “indescribable” strategic satellite was successfully launched at Jiuquan Satellite Center

At 12:01 on August 6, the long march-2d carrier rocket launched gaofen-9-04 and Tsinghua science satellite into the scheduled orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of China. The launch mission was a complete success. One belt, one road surface resolution, is the highest resolution of 04 stars. The highest resolution of the high resolution nine satellite is up to the level of 04 meters. It is mainly used for land survey, city planning, land ownership, road network design, crop yield estimation, disaster prevention and mitigation, and so on, which can provide information guarantee for the construction of “one belt and one road”.

the high resolution earth observation satellite system has a big name. Why is Gaofen satellite a strategic satellite? Because in foreign media, there are too many satellites that can not be described.

on April 26, 2013, China launched the first high resolution satellite, namely gaofen-1. After the launch of this satellite, it immediately attracted the continuous attention of the western world! Based on the reports of Russian “airport” magazine, British “New Scientist” magazine and other media reports, foreign media believe that with the launch of high resolution satellites, high-resolution satellites will enhance the PLA’s precision strike capability and counter the stealth weapons used by the US military to deter China.

for the research of high-resolution satellites, the major Aerospace powers are carrying out in an orderly manner. According to global security magazine of the United States, satellites with a resolution of 30 meters can find ports, bases, bridges, highways and ships sailing on the water; satellites with a resolution of 3-7 meters can find radar, small troops, missile launchers, tanks and other targets; satellites with a resolution of less than 3 meters can find small military vehicles and individual soldiers. It is said that the more advanced military reconnaissance satellite of the United States has a resolution of 5cm, which is enough to see what model a soldier is holding.

in addition to the Gaofen satellite launched this time, on June 17, China also launched Gaofen 9 03 satellite into space at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Under the current situation, it has been speculated that one of the important purposes of China’s choice to launch high-resolution satellites at this time is to cope with the complex international situation.

let’s make a hypothesis. If the high score satellite serves the PLA as predicted by foreign media, it will certainly enhance China’s anti stealth capability. Let’s not discuss the authenticity of the comments made by foreign media. We only need to know that in 2013, the first high-score satellite had already made senior officials of many countries, including the U.S. military, nervous. Seven years later, what level of high-score satellite is now, and the time has made a fair judgment.

this year is the super big year of China’s aerospace industry. The early stage of fire detection and launch has been successful. Beidou global network provides services, and the manned space program is progressing steadily. The cornerstone of all these success comes from the stability of rockets. Although it also suffered three launch failures this year, two were due to brand-new models, so China Aerospace is still a reliable gold lettered signboard. The long march-2d carrier rocket used this time is the second-stage rocket with the largest carrying capacity in China. Since its establishment in 1990, changerding rocket has been awarded the titles of “high quality rocket” and “gold medal rocket” for its excellent performance and performance.

in 2020, China Aerospace will usher in ultra-high density launch. In recent years, it is not difficult for us to find that China’s space launch density is unprecedented. At 11:10 on July 3, China successfully launched a high-resolution multimode imaging satellite with a long march 4B carrier rocket at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

at 7:44 on July 5, China successfully put the test-6-02 satellite into the scheduled orbit with the long march-2d carrier rocket at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and the launch was a complete success.

at 20:11 on July 9, China successfully put the Asia Pacific 6D satellite into the scheduled orbit with the long march 3B carrier rocket at Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and the launch was a complete success.

at 12:41 on July 23, the Long March 5 carrier rocket ignited and took off at China’s Wenchang space launch site, and tianwen-1 probe was put into orbit.

at 11:13 on July 25, China successfully launched zy-03 into the scheduled orbit with the long march 4B carrier rocket at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, and the launch was a complete success. Plus today’s launch, in about a month, China Aerospace has completed seven launches.

such a high-density launch will not only test the staff of the launch site, but also the aerospace TT & C personnel of China. At present, the contradiction between China and the United States is increasingly fierce, and space is bound to become the focus of us provocation. In recent years, high-level politicians in the United States have been trying to create favorable conditions for domestic enterprises and individuals to use and exploit space resources by means of administrative and legislative means. At the administrative level, the trump administration signed four “space policy directives” from December 2017 to February 2019, respectively, which made arrangements for the U.S. return to the moon program, the simplification of commercial space regulations and space traffic control agreements, and the preparation of space military forces. At a time of frequent actions in the US space program, we should not only avoid space competition with the United States and disrupt our operational deployment, but also form our own Assassin’s mace in the space field to counter the pace of the United States militarizing space. There is a long way to go in the future. Chinese spacemen still need to work hard to refuel. We are looking forward to more intensive space flight of China Aerospace!

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