Japan’s high temperature, medical experts suggest “removable mask if necessary”

[Global Times comprehensive report] Japan’s Shimei news agency reported on the 12th that due to the high pressure on Japan’s islands, Japan has been caught in hot weather for days. From August 3 to 9, a total of 6664 people were hospitalized for heatstroke, more than double the previous week. About 60% of the patients were over 65 years old. 180 patients were seriously ill and had to be hospitalized for more than 3 weeks, and another 10 died after being sent to hospital. < / P > < p > according to the data of Japan Meteorological Agency, the highest temperature of this year was set in qunma County on November 11, and 38.2 ℃ and 37.9 ℃ in Yama Prefecture and Kochi County on December 12 and 13, respectively. On that day, 144 out of more than 900 meteorological observation points in Japan observed temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. It can be seen that the high temperature is coming fiercely. < p > < p > since June 6, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has issued a “heatstroke warning” for the Kanto region centered on Tokyo for eight consecutive days. Next, West Japan may become a new high-temperature center. According to Japanese meteorological experts, the high temperature weather in Japan will last for a long time this year. In addition, people wear more masks under the new epidemic situation, resulting in poor breathing and more heatstroke. Therefore, medical experts suggest that people “take off masks when necessary” to keep breathing smooth, and pay attention to timely replenishing water and salt. Some experts suggest that the public pay attention to adjust the temperature of indoor air conditioning to avoid the physical discomfort caused by excessive temperature difference between inside and outside. At the same time, drink at least one glass of water before going to bed, in order to supplement the loss of moisture caused by muggy at night. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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