Japan’s 89 Year Old World War II orphan: China is my benefactor

Recently, Japan’s 89 year old man, maozi Fukuda, published his new book, “I am a Manchuria pioneer group abandoned people.”. As a Japanese orphan from World War II, Fukuda tells the story of his life in China, his hiding after defeat, his years as a Chinese and his own experience after returning to Japan. In his book, Fukuda emphasizes that “China is my benefactor.”. In 1942, Fukuda, 11, came to Manchukuo with his family at the age of 11. After Japan’s defeat in August 1945, the “Japanese pioneer group” was left in the wilderness, and her family had been living a life of displacement. During this period, her sister and mother died one after another. After that, Fukuda was adopted by Chinese parents, grew up and married, and worked in a paper mill. After that, she gave birth to a child and has been living in China. By the time she could return to Japan, she was 55 years old. In the book, Fukuda recalled the Chinese, Korean, adoptive parents and Chinese family who helped her in her cruel wandering years. “China is my benefactor” and “I pray for eternal peace and friendship between Japan and China,” she wrote. Fukuda hopes to convey her unforgettable past experience to the younger generation. Her books will be donated to the public library of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan for free, and the remaining books will be sold on the market for 1000 yen. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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