It is too difficult for India to diagnose the new crown of the former president who is critically ill and the epidemic is growing exponentially

Former Indian president Mukherjee was admitted to a military hospital in New Delhi at 12:07 on August 10. A novel coronavirus pneumonia is now in critical condition, and the new crown virus has been tested positive, Mukherjee said. In a statement released on 11, the hospital has confirmed the new crown pneumonia. < / P > < p > the hospital has performed cerebral thrombosis surgery for him. After the operation, he has been given a ventilator, but the situation is still critical. A multidisciplinary team of doctors is currently monitoring the health of former president Mukherjee. Mukherjee, 84, was the 13th president of India from 2012 to 2017. He has been active in Indian politics for more than 40 years. He has also served as Minister of defense, Minister of foreign affairs and Minister of finance.

, on August 8th novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced by Arjun Ram Megwall, Minister of state affairs of the India Parliamentary Affairs Department and Minister of state of India heavy industry and public enterprise. He is the third cabinet minister level official in India’s central government to be confirmed as infected. In early August, Indian interior minister Amit Shah and Minister of oil, gas and steel pradan announced the diagnosis. As of August 11, there have been 2268675 confirmed cases in India, with 65000 new cases per day. India has the largest number of new cases per day in the world. It took only 20 days to increase the total number of confirmed cases from 1 million to 2 million. The epidemic situation in India has changed from mild outbreak to “exponential growth”. There are a large number of urban slums in India, because of the high population density, poor health conditions, low education level of residents and widespread poverty, it has been the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control. According to a survey released by the government of Mumbai, the largest city in India, 57% of the subjects in the city’s slum population receiving serological tests carry antibodies against the new coronavirus. In an interview with the times of India and other media, experts of the investigation group said that the results showed that there were a large number of asymptomatic infected people in the slums. In addition, the epidemic has accelerated in small towns and rural areas of India. In these areas, not only medical resources and public awareness of epidemic prevention are not as good as those in big cities, but some communities also crowd out infected people, leading to people’s resistance to testing. In addition, the arrival of rainy season leads to traffic inconvenience and frequent disasters, which makes epidemic prevention and control more difficult in these areas. According to the “National Health Survey of India” in 2019, Bihar, the state with the largest rural population in India, has only 0.11 beds and 0.39 doctors per 1000 people. In contrast, Maharashtra, the worst hit state, has only 0.46 and 1.54. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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