Isn’t it shameful for US intelligence to say that?

On August 7, William ewanina, director of the U.S. National counterintelligence and security center, released a report saying that China, Russia and Iran were “interfering in the US election”. However, Russia was assisting trump, while China and Iran wanted trump to lose. The report was published on the official website of the U.S. National counterintelligence and security center. At the beginning, the report described the U.S. general election as a “stage for foreign forces to compete”, saying that “some countries” were interfering in the election process, influencing the election results, and taking the opportunity to steal sensitive information. A few words, rendering an atmosphere of all kinds of people. After mobilizing the tension of readers, ewanina’s report claimed that his department had “mastered” the situation of these foreign forces, and said that among the so-called “foreign forces”, the Department mainly focused on the trends of China, Russia and Iran. What’s more interesting is that the report even lists who the three countries support respectively. According to the report, China and Iran are more “worried” about Trump’s election, China thinks trump is “more difficult to predict”, while Iran is “worried that trump will continue to press itself for re-election”. By contrast, the report argues that Russia does not want Biden elected, because Biden has always played an “anti Russian” role when he was vice president. < / P > < p > this kind of “looking for foreign interference forces to carry the blame” has become a reserved program of the U.S. election, and evanina, who released the report this time, and his department in charge, also acted as the “Star” for many times in this drama. < p > < p > in August 2018, ewanina once accused Chinese intelligence agencies of using “false” LinkedIn accounts and “colluding” a large number of us secret related personnel. Therefore, he called to LinkedIn to “delete the false accounts built by China”. But like this report, ewanina also did not provide any evidence in the so-called “LinkedIn leak incident”. In an interview with us national public radio in October 2019, ewanina said that China is the “number one threat” in the intelligence field of the United States and needs to be prevented more than Russia. It seems that in the case of evanina, the United States is like a wretch at the mercy of three developing countries, which will easily manipulate its election results. The so-called “report” has been interpreted in various ways in the United States. Willie Lara, a famous American media man, tried to use this report to show his credit to trump. He said that “China does not want trump elected”, which proves that “trump’s China policy is very effective”. < / P > < p > another netizen was puzzled: “no, didn’t China want trump elected before?” Another netizen joked: “maybe China has changed its mind.”. However, because ewanina’s description of the so-called “foreign forces” is too vivid, more American netizens are lamenting: has the United States been so miserable that even the election will be manipulated? According to this report, isn’t the US election a “Sino Russian dispute”? He also said that the United States is the only country in the world to elect a “brain disabled leader.”. Another netizen sighed: “maybe the United States has interfered too much in other countries’ elections, and now it has been punished. I don’t want us to do this again.” The majority of American netizens lament that their election has been manipulated by “foreign forces”. However, I feel that they do not need to be so pessimistic. After all, ewanina did not come up with any real hammer. However, the author has the “real hammer” of China’s “interference in the US election”. In 1948, there was a “parade” in Beiping City, holding a portrait of John Dewey, the Republican candidate of the United States, and a banner of “Dewey’s good luck” on the streets. However, it is also a matter for Chiang Kai Shek and the government. It has nothing to do with new China. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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