Is it useful to exit USB disk safely? Do you really understand data risk?

Many in the use of U disk, plug in the computer directly pull out, then u disk security exit has no use? In fact, in the process of use, many times there is no habit of directly pulling out by clicking pop-up. This habit is actually very bad, because if you do not set up a safe pop-up, it is easy for the U disk to have viruses or data errors and can not be saved. How many people exit safely after using it? If you pull it out directly, what will be the impact and consequences? Let’s analyze it today!

I believe that when many people start to use USB flash drives and mobile hard disks, do they just pull them out or just click to quit? But with the use of more times, just like xiaohi, it’s really troublesome to pop up safely every time, and often “pop up failed” by surprise. Later, I tried to pull it out several times, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I gradually got used to pulling it out directly, which was natural and easy.

it is a common problem for users that the USB flash disk can’t be ejected because it is occupied by the USB flash disk, or it fails to delete the hardware safely. Even if some users use the power of the general volume, they still can’t close it. In fact, as long as we can confirm that the files in the USB flash disk are not occupied by the USB flash disk, we can set the USB flash disk to be pulled out directly without pop-up. If you don’t set it, does it really matter whether you play or not?

in the early windows system, in order to improve the reading and writing speed of external storage devices, windows will open the cache for these devices. When writing data to external storage, it actually writes the data to the faster cache first and then to the storage.

if you forcibly pull out the storage device before the cache is fully written, it will cause the external storage device to flash to the old waist. Next time you use it, you may see data loss, unable to identify the device, must format to use, need to repair the sector, and so on.

Sometimes, we don’t want to take the risk to pull out the more precious data, but windows is helpless if it doesn’t let the security pop-up. The device failed to pop up because the file in the device is occupied. You can try the following methods:

1. Copy text. If the file in the external device is occupied in the cutting board, it will not pop up. At this time, you just need to copy a piece of text or the file outside the external device.

2. Close the occupied program, because some programs occupy the device and cannot pop up. However, Windows does not directly indicate which device it is, and we need to find it manually.

open the event viewer – Custom View – manage events, and then pop up the USB flash disk. The event viewer will refresh the error and display the result of the program.

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