Is it time for India’s non hybrid Harris to be Biden’s partner

Identity politics has always been a hot topic in the United States, and sometimes its influence spills out of the United States. On August 11 local time, former vice president and presidential candidate Biden announced his choice of Indian and African American senator camara Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Although most of the analysis emphasized that Biden chose Harris mainly to consolidate the basic black voter base, the incident caused a huge repercussion in India. Business leaders, Bollywood stars and government and opposition politicians praised and congratulated Harris on twitter. Some Indian people also praised Harris as “the pride of India”. Indeed, if Biden and Harris are elected successfully, Harris will become the first female vice president and the first African American and South Asian vice president of the United States, which can be regarded as another milestone in the history of American minority political participation. But whether this will help India in promoting relations with the United States remains to be seen. < / P > < p > there have been voices that have poured “cold water” on the enthusiastic Indian people. According to “India today” reported on the 12th, Harris uncle balachandran stressed that for Harris, Indian blood has no human rights value. India today points out that Harris is dissatisfied with the Indian government’s “human rights violations” on the Kashmir issue, which is not a good sign for the Indian government. According to the provincial newspaper, Harris’s parents divorced when she was young, and Harris went with her Indian mother to live in a white community in Montreal, Canada. Although Harris said her mother had a great influence on her, she was more used to showing up as “African American” rather than “Indian American”. Harris was born in 1964 in Berkeley, California. Her father was an African immigrant from Jamaica and her mother was a Tamil from southern India. After his parents divorced, Harris and his mother were very close to each other. In his childhood, Harris visited India almost every year. Her grandparents live in the high-end seaside community of Chennai, India. When she was in Chennai, Harris would walk on the beach with her grandfather’s friends. As a child, Harris is said to have heard her grandfather and friends discuss democracy and how to treat everyone equally. In a speech in 2018, Senator Harris recalled visiting his grandparents in his early years, Reuters reported. “I didn’t realize that at the time, but walking on the beach with my grandfather at bethentengal had a profound impact on my destiny today,” Harris said According to the BBC, Harris’ grandfather PV gopram is a senior Indian diplomat. After the independence of Zambia, PV gopulan lived in Zambia and helped resettle refugees. Her grandmother never went to high school, but was a community organizer who housed victims of domestic violence and educated women about contraception. An interview in 2009 was found in a report on the 12th of the Indian news website news18. In this interview, Harris told a well-known overseas Indian media source about gopram’s influence on her. According to Harris, gopram was one of the first fighters to participate in India’s independence struggle. Every morning, gopram would walk along the beach with his friends. They are retired officials, talking about politics as they walk, discussing how to fight corruption and fight for justice. Harris also said in the interview that India is “the oldest democracy in the world”, stressing that this had a great impact on her political work and identity. If Harris is elected vice president of the United States, Indian Americans will naturally feel very proud. According to the BBC, American activist sheika narasimon said Harris’s nomination was “shocking” for the Indian American community. “She’s a woman, a mixed race, she’s going to help Biden win the election, she can attract different groups, and she’s smart Is there any reason why Indian Americans are not proud of her? It’s a sign that we are maturing. ” On twitter, Indian users praise Harris one after another. According to Reuters, the general secretary of the ruling Indian people’s party, RAM madaf, tweeted that Harris was the first Indian and Asian woman to be formally nominated as vice presidential candidate, “please give a thumbs up,” Reuters reported. According to the global times, Shahi talur, a member of India’s opposition major party, tweeted that a person of Indian origin “is only a line away from the presidency, which is exciting.”. In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, home to his mother, the deputy chief minister tweeted that Harris’ nomination was “a moment of pride for Indians, especially Tamil Nadu people.”. < / P > < p > and netizens joked that American Indian parents have a higher goal in motivating their children: “son, what are you doing now? Ah, just a Harvard professor, not even a mayor? ” According to the Huffington Post, Harris’s “Hometown” in India, besentenagar, has also become a buzzword on twitter. Compared with Indian Americans, the carnival of Indian netizens is somewhat misplaced. In August last year, India announced the abolition of the special status granted to India controlled Kashmir by the constitution. At that time, Harris supported the proposal by his Indian colleagues to put pressure on India. In December last year, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng refused to meet with jayapal, a member of the national assembly who proposed to put pressure on India, when he visited the United States. Harris publicly criticized Su Jiesheng for this. < / P > < p > not all Indians like Harris. According to Forbes magazine reported on the 13th, some Indian users on twitter pointed out that Harris’s racial and caste identity has two sides. One tweeted: “her side represents the oppressed African American The other side represents the Hindu Brahman, the oppressor of the caste system in India. ” Harris’s position on Kashmir has also aroused dissatisfaction among some Indians, who believe that she has contributed to the “separatism” in the Indian controlled region. According to India today, navid Missouri, a retired senior diplomat and researcher at the observer research foundation, points out that Indians should not forget that anyone holding a senior position in the United States serves the interests of Americans and the United States first. Another senior journalist based in Washington, D.C., told India today that the U.S. government may not be as good for India as the current Republican government. However, India today reports that Harris’s vice president’s government is certainly more friendly than Trump’s on immigration and visa requirements. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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