Is eye care really useful in this age of low heads?

As we all know, smart phones on the market are now equipped with a “eye protection mode” function. Many people will turn on this feature, and the most intuitive change on the phone screen is that it turns yellow and dark, and the light becomes soft. But with eye protection on, can you lie in bed or play with your mobile phone in dark? The answer, of course, is No. So does the eye protection mode on the mobile phone really work?

I believe we all know that the blue light of mobile phones is the most harmful to the eyes, which generally exists in mobile phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. The wavelength of these devices is generally in the range of 400nm-480nm, which is called “short wave blue light”. The wavelength is close to ultraviolet and has high energy. After a long time of contact, the amount of toxin in the macular area of the eye will be increased, which is harmful to the health of the eyes.

the principle of eye protection mode is to use software algorithm to adjust the color temperature of the screen, and use red and yellow light and light to reduce blue light, forming a yellow screen color. Yellow light is the most gentle to human eyes, yellow screen can alleviate visual fatigue to a certain extent. In addition, the eye protection mode of the mobile phone is to add the blue light filtering mode, which can automatically adjust the brightness and color of the screen. However, the screen yellow has been the point of many eyes make complaints about the eye protection mode. Actually, the human eye has the function of automatic white screen, and it will gradually get used to it after a long time.

but according to statistics, the software algorithm can block about 30% of the blue light of the mobile phone by reducing the blue light. So just by adjusting the color temperature and increasing the yellow tone of the screen, there will still be about 70% blue light harming your eyes. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use of eye care mode, not too long.

there are still people who want to ask, can the dark mode have eye protection effect? We usually watch the screen with the eye degree will be greatly different due to the changes in the environment. “In a dark room, dark patterns may be considered less dazzling and tempt people to spend more time using the app,” said aneesha Singh, a professor at the University of London On the contrary, in a bright environment, a screen that is too dark actually forces you to use your eyes harder. So Apple’s official website just says “make your eyes look more comfortable.”.

in fact, the “dark mode” only turns off the background brightness and adjusts the color of the visual content. For example, in the dark mode, the text is mainly white, etc. But actually it doesn’t change the “stroboscopic” problem of the screen, so when you look at the screen, there will still be symptoms of visual fatigue.

in addition to using eye protection mode to protect eyes, it is also very important to see the mobile phone correctly. First of all, when looking at the mobile phone, you should keep a distance of about 30 cm, and the light around the environment should not be too strong or too dark. Secondly, the time of looking at the mobile phone should also be controlled at 40-50 minutes. Try not to watch the mobile phone lying down. Finally, eye exercises, proper outdoor sports, looking at the distance and other ways can make the eyes relax.

in addition to the eye protection mode function of the mobile phone, Xiaohei also lists some anti blue light products for eye protection. Anti blue glasses is a good choice! The principle is to use the substrate’s background color to achieve light neutralization, and use the film layer to block the blue light. But Xiaohei suggests that you should not wear anti blue light glasses for a long time. When glasses filter blue light, the objects you see will turn yellow. This color deviation may make people feel uncomfortable.

many partners may choose “anti blue light mobile phone film” when pasting film on mobile phone. Although its price is low, it has many disadvantages. The anti blue light film filters the blue light, and at the same time, it will make the overall vision dim. If you use the mobile phone in the outdoor strong light, it is easy to not see the screen clearly. And when you don’t want to filter blue light, you have to tear off the film, which is not as convenient as anti blue glasses.

Nowadays, many eye protection apps have been launched on smart phones. Xiaohei recommends an app “eye care treasure” that is easy to use. This app can automatically adjust the color of the screen according to the time of sunrise and sunset. It will automatically turn on when there is sufficient light in the daytime, and the color will be adjusted gently at night, which perfectly matches the body’s biological clock. When you want to stop filtering blue light, just press the button to turn it off, which is very convenient.

Xiaohei thinks that the eye protection mode of the mobile phone is just a kind of psychological comfort, and other eye protection anti blue light products are only a part of the role, and can not be completely relied on. If you want to really protect your eyes, you have to form a good habit from using electronic products. It’s the fundamental way to protect your eyes with less mobile phones.

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