Irish top officials pick up their “black hats” after being exposed on holiday abroad

[Global Times comprehensive report] a senior official whose duty is to encourage people to stay in Ireland for holiday was exposed to be travelling to Italy. Under pressure, he picked up his “black gauze hat”. According to Agence France Presse on the 16th, Michael Cauley, chairman of the Irish Tourism Development Council, was revealed by the independent of Ireland that he was on holiday in Italy and submitted his resignation on the same day. The Irish government has previously called on its citizens to take part in the summer vacation tour in China in view of the current development of the new epidemic situation, and to help the tourism industry overcome the difficulties with “patriotic vacation”. In addition, due to the increasing number of confirmed cases of new crown in recent days, the Irish government also advised people to avoid unnecessary travel for epidemic prevention. As a senior official of the tourism department, Cauley went abroad with his family at this time, which was criticized by public opinion. < p > < p > Ireland’s tourism minister, Katherine Martin, said that he had accepted Calley’s resignation and that most officials and people had responded to the call to stay in China for a holiday. He said the trip to Italy was to meet the family who lived there. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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