Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Baghdad cancels Turkish defense minister’s visit to Iraq

According to the Russian satellite news agency on August 12, after the Turkish drone attack on Kurdistan and the death of Iraqi soldiers, the Iraqi government canceled the planned visit of Turkish defense minister akar to Baghdad on August 13 and summoned the Turkish ambassador to the foreign ministry. < / P > < p > earlier, the information service of the Iraqi security agency said that Turkish drones had attacked an area in the northern part of the country, killing two Iraqi border officers and one soldier. Iraqi al sumaria television reported that a total of five Iraqi border guards and 10 PKK supporters were killed in the attack. “We have announced the cancellation of the Turkish defense minister’s visit to Iraq on Thursday the day after tomorrow,” the Iraqi Foreign Ministry tweeted. The Ministry of foreign affairs will call on the Turkish ambassador and send him a note of protest against the attack. ” The Iraqi government said that if Turkey again ignored the demands of Baghdad to stop violating Iraq’s sovereignty and withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory, “it will re-examine the scale of cooperation between the two countries in various fields.”. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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