Iran’s Foreign Minister: the United States will only attack the law-abiding world or return to the law of the jungle, August 14 (Xinhua) Iran’s foreign minister Zarif said that if the United States is allowed to do its utmost to carry out malicious actions aimed at destroying the “Iran nuclear agreement”, the world is expected to return to the jungle law. According to the news from Iran’s English TV station on the 13th, Zarif published an article in French “Le Monde” that day, criticizing that the United States is destroying multilateralism and international rule of law by thoroughly eliminating the “Iran nuclear agreement”. Zarif reminded that the agreement was reached to address all concerns about the “completely peaceful nature of the nuclear program” and to free the Iranian people from inhumane and unjust sanctions. However, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and imposed a series of new sanctions on Iran. Zarif pointed out that in the face of the agreement approved by the UN Security Council, the United States has adopted a stubborn attitude and has been threatening other countries to abide by the US sanctions route and abandon its legitimate trade with Iran, making Iran the target of “the most vicious and most indiscriminate sanctions”. In addition, Zarif also criticized the United States for not following the rules, “suppressing and punishing all those who abide by the law.”. Zarif said the “rigidity and unpredictability” of the United States has nothing to do with “game theory” rules. He pointed out that game theory requires players to make rational decisions, while Washington is only punishing anyone who abides by international law. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not a real plan for the government in China. It is only a blind attack on all parties defending the rule of law, Zarif further pointed out. As a result, Zarif concluded that the United States simply did not want to provide any prospects for the future of the international community in terms of its current irresponsible behavior; Zarif also warned that letting Washington allow its actions “is neither desirable nor feasible.”. In July 2015, Iran and the six countries on the Iranian nuclear issue reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. According to the agreement, Iran promised to limit its nuclear program and the international community would lift sanctions against Iran. In May 2018, the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, and then gradually resumed the sanctions against Iraq suspended due to the agreement. In May 2019, Iran announced that it would suspend the implementation of some provisions of its nuclear agreement. The relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated seriously, and the situation in the Gulf continues to be tense. Since this year, the U.S. – Iran relations have been deteriorating, especially the assassination of major general Sulaimani of Iran and the escalating tension in the Middle East, which has led to rare condemnation by US allies. On January 5, after the assassination of Sulaimani, the Iranian government announced that it would suspend the implementation of the restrictions of the fifth phase of the Iran nuclear agreement, and announced that it would no longer abide by the restrictions of the agreement, but would continue to coordinate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) so that compliance might be restored. Leaders of Britain, France and Germany held telephone conversations on the same day, issued a statement overnight calling on Iran not to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, and rarely condemned the United States led coalition attack on Iraq. The three countries also said that they would continue to work with all parties to the Middle East conflict to ease tensions in the region and ensure security. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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