Iran suddenly towed the aircraft carrier model to the sea surface, which attracted the attention of many countries. Russian media: maybe it is a drill

Iran’s towing of a model aircraft carrier to the surface of Hormuz has attracted a lot of attention. Russian media said it was very likely that Iran’s aircraft carrier towed to the Strait of Hormuz was similar to an American carrier. According to satellite photos, Iran’s aircraft carrier is about 30% smaller than that of the United States, and there are 16 models of us fighters on the top deck of the carrier.

in recent years, Tehran has always had opinions on the security of the region. They believe that the security of the region should be maintained by neighboring countries. However, there are always American aircraft carriers constantly entering the region and never listen to their protests.

it is understood that this aircraft carrier model of Iran is very similar to that used in the military exercise in February 2015, and in that exercise, Iran used weapons to completely destroy this type of aircraft carrier. Since last summer, there have been a number of attacks and conflicts between the United States and Iran, which has worsened the uneasy relationship between Iran and the United States. In particular, in the attack in January this year, a commander of Iran was killed in a US UAV raid. In order to retaliate against the United States, Iran bombed dozens of US troops stationed in Iraq.

with regard to Iran’s behavior of dragging the aircraft carrier to the sea, some media speculated that this incident may be the reflection of Tehran on the US harassment of civil aviation aircraft last week. It is understood that a civil aircraft was intercepted by a US fighter plane when it arrived in Syria. Due to the appearance of the US fighter plane, many passengers on the plane were injured. Tehran said it would not ignore the matter and would take necessary measures to hold the United States responsible for its actions.

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