Interview with Miyagi Miyagi Shengyang: About Kodak toys, derivatives and offline exhibitions

Chinaboy is the biggest game show that many players pay close attention to every summer. It can make the surrounding area crowded every time. Even if this year’s epidemic has a great impact on our social life, it can not stop the players from going to the scene to try the latest games and watch the activities of the exhibition stand.

with the blessing of large-scale IP such as “mobile soldier GAODA” and “Dragon Ball”, the booth of Wandai Nanmeng palace is popular every year, but for me, this year is slightly different. Because Mr. Quan Shengyang, whom I interviewed this time, is the deputy general manager of Wandai nanmenggong Toy Co., Ltd. This time, the topic is also around the toy business.

it has been a long time since the official entry of Wandai Nanmeng palace into China, and the history of various toys and models of Wandai Nanmeng palace entering the Chinese market is even longer. The IP players in the hands of Wandai Nanmeng palace have a large number of fans in China, and fans are chasing the latest derivative products. However, there are differences between the Chinese and Japanese markets after all. What is the difference? This is my first question to Mr. Quan.

in China, many people think that “toys are for children to play with”. In the view of many netizens, Japan, as a big country producing toys, may not have such mentality. In fact, people would have been interested in buying toys in Japan for 25-30 years.

about 15 years ago, the predecessor of Wandai spirits Collection Division was founded. Many products for ordinary consumers were produced, and adults who would buy toys were no longer limited to toy lovers. The same thing is happening in China. In recent years, the number of adults buying toys has increased dramatically, and it has become a common thing for adults to buy toys.

when it comes to toy lovers in China and Japan, Mr. Quan thinks that both of them are very close in terms of preference and age. Unlike European and American audiences, they are different in direction from Japanese players, so it is quite easy to plan products for Chinese players. However, Chinese players have high requirements for the quality and design of adult toys, so even if they sell the same products, they will also make more stringent quality control for the Chinese market.

the derivative products of “mobile soldier Gunda” are the first impressions of Wandai nanmenggong toys. As a large-scale IP with a history of more than 40 years, its popularity certainly brings a large number of fans, and its history also makes the age span among fans become large.

for these old fans, Mr. Quan said that Wandai Nanmeng palace certainly attaches great importance to them. In order to attract new fans, they are also constantly launching new GAODA works and derivative products. For fans of different ages and core levels, products with different prices will also be launched, which is the same in Japan and China.

among the core fans of GAODA in China, there are many people who are willing to buy high price and high-quality products. However, they often suffer from factors such as shipment volume and price, and encounter some obstacles in the purchase process. In this regard, Wandai Nanmeng palace will increase the category and quantity of commodities facing China.

it is a common phenomenon in any region and any industry to speculate and resell restricted commodities due to the shortage of goods. Because the resale behavior does not violate laws and regulations, and the manufacturer does not have the law enforcement power to prohibit this kind of behavior, in the face of this phenomenon, Wandai Nanmeng palace will set up the purchase restriction measures when selling, so that more consumers have the opportunity to appreciate the charm of products. I hope you can understand, at the same time, we also invite consumers to buy products through regular channels, decline resale channels, and jointly create a healthy sales environment.

in mid July, a live broadcast of “up to China plan” attracted a large number of ACG enthusiasts. Among them, a large number of linkage products surprised the audience. Shanghai Pudong will erect a 1:1 freedom GAODA, which is a heavy bomb. Talking about Shanghai’s 1:1 freedom, when the news came back to Japan, it also caused a lot of topics. Some fans hope to have one in Japan, while others think they have to go to China to have a look.

big picture mode: I asked Mr. Quan that the 1:1 Unicorn Takata in Tokyo station has a distorted performance effect. So, does Shanghai’s freestyle Kodak have any similar special functions?

in the face of this problem, Mr. Quan told me that it was not yet time to publish, so he could not disclose it to me. However, it is clear that this 1:1 free GAODA will not just stand, and there will certainly be sound and photoelectric performance effect to cooperate. Please look forward to this point. When it comes to freedom, the biggest difference between GAODA, the 1:1 original ancestor and unicorn, is the huge wings behind it. How to show such wings, please go to the scene to confirm.

another question that arouses the concern of Goldstar fans is, why is it free GAODA? The following is the 20th anniversary of Goldstar seed, which is a factor, but the most important one is that it is quite popular in China. With the sales data of the model and the click data of various video websites, Wandai Nanmeng palace can also find out which GAODA works are the most popular in China.

after the live broadcast, all kinds of GAODA linkage products have become the object of discussion. Mr. Quan admits that the goal of linkage is to be topical. When choosing the enterprises and artists to cooperate with, the standard of Wandai Nanmeng palace is to make everyone feel excited or surprised. In addition, if the artist himself is very fond of GAODA, then he can make a very interesting project. In the process of linkage, Wandai Nanmeng palace is in the position of producer. Therefore, it will definitely give suggestions to the partner and discuss with the other party.
the two aspects of the Chinese Zodiac have been mixed with their own opinions. After that, Wandai Nanmeng palace will go further and launch toy products for China’s IP.

compared with the series of “mobile warrior Gunda” which has been authorized to play on domestic video websites for many years, the products of “masked Knight” introduced by the government only two years are also in hot sale. In the past, most of the domestic audience of “masquerade Knight” were young people and adults. The purpose of introduction was to expand the audience of children, and it did achieve such an effect.

before the introduction of “masked Knight”, the children’s toys mainly produced by Wandai Nanmeng palace in China were the derivative products of Ultraman. Now, masked Knight also has a place in children’s market.

after that, Wandai Nanmeng palace will also launch China Limited “masked Knight” toy products, and now several plans are in progress.

‘s novel coronavirus pneumonia has had a great impact on the whole world. The WAN Dai Nan Meng palace has also been hit hard. The first to bear the brunt is the factory shutdown, unable to ship, offline exhibitions are basically canceled and postponed. Fortunately, the epidemic situation has been controlled in China, and Wandai Nanmeng palace has been able to continue to appear in the exhibition.

this exhibition in ChinaJoy also made Mr. Quan realize the importance of “let everyone get together and see the same things” in offline exhibitions. Now some exhibitions in the United States have been changed to be held online, so the audience may not be able to “ignite”. Therefore, it is a wonderful thing for him to hold such a large-scale activity and make personal protection together to come to the scene.

ChinaJoy has always been a game exhibition. Wandai Nanmeng palace not only displays its games, but also gives consideration to the display and sales of toys. Mr. Quan doesn’t think that the two need to be specially distinguished, because when a player is playing a game, he is also exposed to an IP. Games and characters are all products derived from IP. From this perspective, the exhibition of toys is also meaningful.

with regard to the setting up of exhibition booths, Wandai Nanmeng palace has always set up a toy sales area in the exhibition. This is because there is a little difference between China and other regions. People basically buy toys by online shopping. There are few opportunities to see real objects before purchasing, and they basically rely on photos to choose. Wandai Nanmeng palace believes that it is very important for the audience to arouse their desire to buy after seeing the real objects in the venue. In the future, they will also sell the limited commodities in the venue.

Finally, at the exhibition stand of Wandai Nanmeng palace in ChinaJoy, many players also found an area of “idol master”, wondering whether this means that the series will have some actions in China. As Mr. Quan is a toy worker, he does not know the specific situation, but since he is his own IP, they will also cooperate in commodity planning.

among today’s young people in China, ACG culture is undoubtedly a continuous trend. How to use it to operate IP and continuously introduce products that meet their wishes to Chinese players is an important topic for Wandai nanmenggong Toy Co., Ltd. It remains to be seen what new toys Mr. Quan and his colleagues will create in the days to come. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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