International Labor Organization: new crown pandemic disrupts education of more than 70% of young people

According to a report released by the international labor organization on November 11, the 2019 coronavirus crisis is having a devastating impact on the education and training of young people. < / P > < p > according to the report entitled “youth and coronavirus 2019: the impact on work, education, rights and mental health”, more than 70% of young people have been adversely affected by the closure of schools, universities and training centers since the beginning of the pandemic. < / P > < p > 65% of young people learn less because of the transition from classroom to online and distance learning during the blockade period. Despite their efforts to continue their studies and get training, half of them thought their studies would be delayed and 9% thought they might fail the exam. The situation is even worse for young people living in low-income countries, who have no access to the Internet, lack of equipment and sometimes no space at home. “The pandemic has multiple impacts on young people. It not only damages their job and employment prospects, but also their education and training, and seriously affects their mental health. ” < / P > < p > the report highlights the huge “digital divide” between regions; in high-income countries, 65% of young people take classes through video lectures; in low-income countries, only 18% of young people can continue to learn online. Privacy Policy

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