Indian media: comrades confirmed the new crown seal, and people asked modi to isolate himself

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to India’s “times now” TV station reported on the 14th, the Hindu religious official dass who attended the foundation laying ceremony of Rama temple with Prime Minister modi in Ayodhya on Thursday confirmed that he was infected with the new coronavirus. Dass stood beside modi on the 5th and did not wear a mask, so some Indian people asked modi to isolate himself according to regulations. Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao said modi had planned to host a major Independence Day celebration in New Delhi on Saturday, but it was not known whether the plan would change. As of 15 novel coronavirus pneumonia in India, more than 2 million 460 thousand confirmed cases were diagnosed in the early morning of the world, ranking third in the world. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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