India faces “lost generation” as economy slows down and students drop out of school

[Global Times reporter Li Xue] more and more school-age Indian children have to drop out of school and work in farms and factories due to the closure of schools during the new epidemic and the slowdown of economic activities, the Hindustan Times reported on the 10th. The number of these children has reached an indeterminate level, and these children may become the “lost generation” in India. Both monkalapali, a 16-year-old Indian girl, and her 15-year-old sister were reduced to child labour during the outbreak, according to the report. As monkalapali’s mother and sister lost their job as nannies in the big city, the young sisters were forced to work with their mother on the farm. “It’s hard to work in the hot sun, but we have to make at least enough money to buy rice and other daily necessities, so we have to work,” monkalapali said < / P > < p > the problem of out of school children and child labor has plagued India for many years. A previous study showed that India had more than 56 million out of school children, more than double the total number of out of school children in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. According to the international labor organization, about 10.1 million out of school children in India are child laborers. The new epidemic has worsened the problem of child labor in India. Constellation

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