India added tens of thousands of troops to the border, and the general said that he would not give in. As a result, misfortune happened in the backyard

Pakistan’s military stood up in 2020, and in this year’s provocations, it has grown by at least 30% year-on-year. Looking at Pakistan, which has greatly strengthened its “provocation”, the Indian military decided to use its “trump card”, that is, Rafale fighters imported from France.

the delivery of the Rafale fighters has strengthened the confidence of the Indian military. The outgoing Indian commander, general danoa, has made a commitment to the outside world, saying that once the Indian military has completed the delivery of the Rafale fighters, the Indian army will no longer retreat. At the same time, the Indian general also said that Pakistan’s fighter planes in active service are not qualified to compete with Rafale fighters, and even the j-20 fighters of the great powers in the East cannot compete with the Rafale fighters. The background of the Indian military’s underestimation of domestic fighters comes from the India Pakistan Air War in 2019.

Indian generals believe that Pakistan chose to send us made F-16s rather than Xiaolong fighters, which shows that Xiaolong fighters are inferior to us made F-16s. The reason why Pakistan’s military did not send out the Xiaolong fighters may not be that the Xiaolong fighters are not excellent, but may be that the Xiaolong fighters are too excellent. The Indian military’s tone is not small. It really thinks that the introduction of an advanced fighter plane can “rest assured”. It is the mule and the horse pulling it out. There is an obvious generation difference between the Rafale fighter and the j-20. Therefore, the Indian military is “too early to talk”.

However, we can’t deny that Rafale is advanced. There are still some defects in domestic fighters. However, this is not something the Indian military needs to be concerned about. India’s generals had just made a mockery of Pakistan, but the backyard suffered. A fire broke out in India’s “backyard” before the general’s voice was heard. Pakistan, which frequently makes provocative actions against the Indian military, once again provoked conflicts in Kashmir. Targets in India were attacked by Pakistani Artillery Forces.

although the Indian military subsequently launched a counterattack, the Indian military did not cause significant harm to Pakistan. Behind Pakistan’s frequent provocations against the Indian army, in addition to weakening the Indian military’s threat to Pakistan, it also includes containing some Indian military forces. At the same time, a large number of military supplies and supplies were transported to the plateau area by military aircraft and a large number of 20000 tons of military supplies were transported to the plateau area by the military at the end of July.

this time, the Indian army transported materials to the front-line areas of the plateau, including clothing for cold protection. Winter in the plateau area came earlier. In order to avoid soldiers freezing in the cold climate, the Indian military stepped up the procurement of cold clothing. It seems that the Indian military intends to fight a protracted war in the plateau area. The Indian military’s military deployment in the plateau area has harmed the interests of Pakistan’s friendly countries. In order to solve the problems of the friendly countries, the Pakistani military frequently provoked conflicts in Kashmir, so as to reduce the energy of the Indian military in the plateau area.

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