In the United States, the number of deaths in the new crown increased to the maximum in three months, exceeding 1000 cases in 17 consecutive days

overseas network, novel coronavirus pneumonia, August 13, the US is still facing severe epidemics. On 12 may, novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in the US for nearly 1500 days, the largest increase in 3 months. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 166000 people have died in the United States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in 1493 cases were reported in the US on May, the 12 largest reported by the

and Washington Post. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States has been averaging more than 1000 deaths in 7 days in 17 days. Texas reported 324 new deaths on the 12th, the largest increase in a single day, according to data. Georgia has had to close some newly reopened schools after the outbreak and reported more than 100 deaths for the second day in a row. In the past four weeks, the average number of deaths in Washington state has more than tripled, and the number of deaths in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Georgia has doubled, according to US media. However, the White House has repeatedly claimed that the United States is “in place” to fight the epidemic, downplaying the risk of the virus, and even said that “the recent increase in cases has not been accompanied by a significant increase in the number of deaths.”.

novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing was 5197118 cases and 166026 cases died in the United States at 13 p.m. in 13 p.m., according to data from Johns Hopkins University. After analyzing dozens of independent forecasts, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention predicted that as many as 190000 people in the United States could die from the outbreak by the end of August. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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