In France, 4854 new crowns were confirmed in three days, with a total of 202775 cases

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that the total number of confirmed cases in France was 202775, up from 14 at the 14 point, according to the 10 day of the French health department, which was 4854 times higher than the last three days ago. < / P > < p > the total number of deaths was 30340, 16 more than three days ago, including 19834 deaths in hospitals, and the statistics of death cases in social medical institutions such as disabled nursing homes will be updated on the 11th. The French public health agency stressed that the spread of the virus was increasing, especially among young people. The public health department called on the French people to remain vigilant and strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention measures. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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