In a turbulent era, still do a stable switching power chip

Following the crackdown on Huawei, the U.S. order forced byte skipping to sell short video tiktok, which has dominated the world headlines for days. Experts say frankly, in fact, the United States as a whole is trying to suppress China’s scientific and technological progress. The key to crack down on Huawei is to suppress China’s 5g progress. The crackdown on tiktok is mainly to suppress the expansion of China’s business model. The current situation is turbulent, the torrent is turbulent, we can only do a stable switching power supply chip, strong and independent. Today, UnionPay recommended a series of Youen switching power supply chip u6235.

stable switching power supply chip can provide high-precision output performance, and stable market and policy can effectively activate the economy and promote social development. If you don’t abide by commercial credit, don’t respect market rules, interfere artificially, or distort the market, you may be attacked by it, and ultimately you will be harmed. Time will give us the answer.

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