If pregnant women do not want to fall the root of the disease, shampoo should pay attention to these 4 points, protect themselves and protect the fetus

Having a smooth and plump hair is what every woman wants most. So many women will spend a lot of money and energy on their hair. Shampooing is perfectly normal for normal adults. But there are special groups that need attention. That’s the mothers to be in pregnancy. After all, the pregnant mother is very vulnerable, if because of the wrong way to wash hair, it is likely to affect the baby in the stomach. Don’t pay attention to hair hygiene because you can’t do too much exercise because you are pregnant. For a safer and healthy birth of your baby in your stomach, your mother should remember to wash your hair frequently during pregnancy. At the same time, learn more about the correct way to wash your hair.

in fact, most pregnant mothers still have a lot of hair problems. Pregnant women, because the secretion of exuberant, scalp secretion will increase, easy to sweat, oil, do not wash hair will be very unhygienic. Secondly, because the belly of a baby, some nutrients in the body will be separated, so there will be a lot of hair loss, hair dry phenomenon.

many mothers to be go to work during the day, and usually go home to wash their hair in the morning or at night. It is also possible that when you wake up in the morning and there is too much oil on your head, most people will choose to wash their hair in the morning. However, if the hair dryer is not completely dried and the outdoor cold air invades the scalp, it is easy to cause headache and cold. These minor problems are also very harmful to the health of the baby. As for the night, half dry hair sleep, night temperature gradually decreased, more likely to catch cold. So it’s not recommended to wash your hair sooner or later.

the best way to wash one’s hair is for mothers to be to sit on a chair with a moderate height difference from the water basin, and extend their heads forward to wash their hair. They can also ask their husbands to help. Mothers to be sit on chairs with their heads back, and their fathers to be help to wash them with hot water. If the mother to be is pregnant for a long time and her stomach is bulging, she can also lie down and ask other people to help her wash her hair like the barber shop does. In a word, it is better for mothers to be not to bow down for a long time to wash their own hair, which has a sense of pressure on the fetus, and bending down for a long time may cause dizziness due to hyperemia.

they all say that hot water can cure all kinds of diseases. However, if you wash your pregnant mother’s hair with overheated water, it’s a big mistake. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather, maybe because the hot water is better. Many families may often use hot water to wash their hair, but the scalp is still a sensitive part. If the water temperature is too high, the hair follicle tissue will be scalded, leading to inflammation. Generally, the temperature of the hands is different from that of other parts of the body. The hands feel OK, but the scalp feels cold. The water temperature is too low, and it is easy to catch a cold and get sick, which has an adverse effect on the maternal fetal body.

most people choose hair dryer after washing their hair. But pregnant women are a special group. Many mothers want to dry their hair quickly in order not to catch cold. They may set the hair dryer to the maximum and hottest position. If they are not careful, their hair may be rolled in, or the current from the hair dryer will enter the baby’s body through the hair. Hot wind can also burn the scalp. Here, it is recommended to use dry towel, dry hair cap, or direct air drying when it is not very good.

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