Hunger marketing doesn’t work? Lei Jun’s speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi

Now it is getting closer and closer to Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary speech on August 11. After experiencing the first round of speculation from ordinary netizens and official disclosure of Xiaomi, Xiaomi official released the second round of official preheating video again today. It is still the interview clip of GQ to Lei Jun, but Lei Jun even responded to the rather sensitive hunger marketing topic this time.

in addition, I dug a big hole for myself. When the profit margin of hardware is less than 1%, is it a little difficult for investors to make money? It seems that the explosion of the second shot is really explosive.

it can be said that since the birth of Xiaomi mobile phone, the four words of hunger marketing have been accompanied by the growth of Xiaomi, and have been controversial. So, is Xiaomi really as popular as everyone guessed, and the hunger marketing has been booming, deliberately making consumers miserable? Lei Jun himself admitted that this is not the case. It is really a lack of production capacity. Some friends may still say, “I believe you are a ghost, you are…” Well, what’s the actual situation? It’s better to listen to Lei Jun tell the story himself.

However, Lei Jun was greatly touched after he visited Costco in the United States, so Xiaomi later promised that the hardware sales profit would never exceed 5%, but is the actual situation 5%? No, but the answer may be unexpected. In fact, it is not more than 5%, but even less than 1%. But Lei Jun still promises to make investors earn twice the income. Does that sound a bit contradictory? Is Lei Jun trying to do good things?

Finally, Lei Jun also mentioned for the first time that he has three major aspirations, namely, world peace, poverty eradication and punishing the evil and promoting the good. Does it sound a bit ridiculous? That’s right. It’s really made up. In fact, Lei Jun sold a pass and said that he would talk about it in his speech at 19:30 on August 11.

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