Huami ov is deeply trapped in the curved screen, and Samsung apple can’t avoid it, expecting them to make collective mistakes?

It is said that Apple’s iPhone 16 and Samsung will abandon the curved screen design completely this year.

but that doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t done research. It’s just that apple is still exploring the edge of the curved screen, and has not done any further research, or maybe in the process of exploring, they give up the idea of moving forward.

for most mobile phone enthusiasts, what they can’t understand is that Samsung, the founder of curved screen, did not intend to continue, and now it has abandoned this idea in person. However, huami ov in China seems to have a completely different idea from Apple Samsung. It has launched the so-called surround screen and waterfall screen in an innovative way. On the basis of curved screen, n multi screen is derived.

huami OV and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers have rushed to the market. It seems that the curved screen is a lifesaving straw. Now, huami ov’s domestic mobile phones even take this as a major selling point of mobile phones.

although Samsung did not explicitly indicate whether to give up curved screen, the reaction of netizens on the Internet shows that most netizens who already have curved screen mobile phones are resistant. Whether it is put in the trouser pocket or in the hand, all kinds of accidental collision and delay can be described as endless.

that is to say, users who really use their curved screen mobile phones do not think that the experience of curved screen mobile phones is better than that of straight screen mobile phones, or even worse. In this way, curved screen mobile phones are not popular with consumers.

mobile phones are the most valuable consumables. Consumers must pay attention to the brand. After all, they need so much money. In order to have more consumers, mobile phone brands naturally need to design better mobile phones and better experience to retain consumers, and even steal consumers from competitors.

I believe you still have fresh memories of Samsung mobile phone battery incident. It is precisely because of the design defects of Samsung mobile phones that the market share of Samsung mobile phones in China and even the world has continuously declined. It can be said that the battle of Waterloo of Samsung mobile phone is to lose Jingzhou carelessly. After all, the battery problem should not appear, because it is not an issue that can not be overcome.

the Waterloo of Samsung is not a long time ago. It is obviously impossible for domestic mobile phones to forget in such a short time. So, it’s impossible to say that huami ov doesn’t know the problems of curved screen mobile phones, and it’s very happy to catch up with each other. After all, everyone is on the track, and the fear is not who runs a little slower, but who makes mistakes on the track, which may be out of the game.

following this idea, huami ov domestic mobile phone may find a new idea in curved screen design. In other words, although the current consumer experience is not good, it is not impossible to bring a disruptive innovation to the mobile screen through improvement. If it is realized, it will be a technological transcendence to apple and Samsung. It is self-evident how significant it is.

of course, huami ov may also worry about miscalculation in the design of mobile phones. Once it lags behind, it may be difficult to catch up. After all, the mobile phone replacement time is very fast, leaving them not much time to make mistakes, but not much.

but for apple, the eldest brother, and Samsung, the former king of China, it is a cold-blooded attitude. Maybe they don’t attack, just hope that WAMI ov will make collective mistakes on the curved screen, which is not impossible. After all, smart phones have become mature and even perfect, and no one can easily make mistakes until there are no products that can be replaced by big changes.

Maybe in the near future, huami ov curved screen technology will achieve a subversive breakthrough and find a new alternative solution. So, will Samsung regret it? Will Apple stop?

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