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No More Addiction, the revolutionary system to easily and naturally break free from addiction

Leonhard Klein, a German Health Coach

By Tom Arvin

You may be familiar with the constant frustration of trying to quit smoking. You try many methods, you will yourself to change, and you still fail. As a smoker for twenty three years, smoking around thirty cigarettes a day, I also know the frustration of trying to quit. But I have something to share with you, something I never thought would be possible as a habitual smoker. In the past 5 years, I haven’t touched a single cigarette. It still seems like a miracle when I think about it. Even more incredible, I quit smoking overnight, almost without realising it.

I was in London for an international coaching course, when I had the opportunity to attend  a series of  lectures by German health coach Leonhard Klein, author of the manual No More Addiction. Klein was a heavy smoker, but after being freed from his addiction, he’s  spent his life helping thousands of people quit and regain control of their lives.

"People always start out thinking they have the situation under control, and they believe that quitting will be very easy. Even if you do not believe it is just that: to stop smoking or using other substances is simple and requires no willpower "(L.Klein)

I thought he was joking, and for years was trying to not buy the next pack! But the professor explained that to free yourself from addiction is difficult when you don't know the actual reason behind your addiction.

"There are many false beliefs about smoking. From those who believe that quitting will make them gain weight, to those who think that tobacco is relaxing. Then there are other mental blocks that can only be dissolved when you understand their mechanism of action."

At the end of the lesson I asked Klein if he could help. He gave me his course No More Addiction:

"Here you will find all the answers you need. Please continue to smoke while you study, then you will see for yourself that you will have less and less need. After a few days you just do not feel the need to continue and you will stop effortlessly."

To my surprise, it happened exactly as he wrote.

I finished my last pack of cigarettes and have never smoked againWhat Klein said was true, it was completely natural and I did not suffer. I did not need willpower. I stopped coughing, the annoying sore throats and colds ceased, I felt more alive every day and less stressed. I felt very happy to finally be free from addiction. Shortly after quitting, I realized how my regained good mood improved my life - from my work to my emotions. The health benefits of quitting are numerous and often surprising.

I was very fortunate to find No More Addiction. At the time, it was only released to Klein’s students and advisors. Now, due to high demand, it has been translated into an easy to read ebook, which is available on mobile, ipad, or laptop.

Thanks to World News (and only for a limited time) you can access No More Addiction with a complimentary discount of 35%. If you are not satisfied with Klein's work, you can use the special guarantee, no questions asked, and get your money back. Claim your 35% discount and free yourself from addiction today.  

Smoke Effects

Mrs Jane W., one of the first people to try Leonard Klein’s No More Addiction method, shares her experience: With the 2-week formula, laid out by ‘No More Addiction’ I was able to understand the real reasons that drove me to drink, smoke, and use other substances to feel better. I have rediscovered the pleasure of being a free and lively person, and have experienced big health improvements (as well as big financial improvements - addiction is expensive!).


Does it work?


Don't smoke because your last breath will be a choke. And that's no joke.I gave up with a inhaler substitute. Found it easy.suckered on fresh air for a week threw it away then it's a habit you can say no know you stop killing yourself.

I stopped using this product 1 year ago. It is easy and well done.


iconMonsuoor Khan
Would love something that is practical and really helpful in giving up smoking

iconWilliam Penman
Need to stop for health reasons.

iconJames Evans
Let s give it a go.

I don't know...

I am curious and I would like to try, it is cheap so let's give it a chance!


I am so happy and finally I quit smoking ! Before this method I used to smoke a pack and a half for 15 years!

My son is 26 years old and he is always coughing because he smokes too much. I am worried for him.

Funciona! Yo dejé de fumar gracias a ello hace mucho tiempo ya que fumar es un vicio muy caro y poco saludable, lo aconsejo ya que no tiene nada a que ver con e-cigarettes, etc. sirve también para mejorar tu fuerza mental

I used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day for 25 years and I thought that was impossible to quit.I stopped on June 9, 2012 at the age of 41 years on the day of the birth of my first daughter. Life is short and health is the most important thing

Oh, now is available also as ebook? This method worked on me

My husband smoke and I hate his smell. I would not force him, but I cannot more.

I smoke and I am full of wrinkles, WTF!


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