How to find the right clue to solve the problem in TOEFL listening? Four kinds of key words should be understood

In TOEFL listening test, the examinees often have the problem of listening wrong and missing key information, and one hearing loss may mean that a problem can not be solved smoothly. Considering the huge amount of information contained in TOEFL listening, it is very difficult for candidates to avoid missing some information. In order to solve this problem, the examinee needs to know all kinds of signal words which prompt the key information in the listening materials. Take a look at the specific explanation below.

these signal words belong to the simplest signal words, such as “Okay”, “well”, “now”, “but”, In particular, these phrases or short sentences are also relatively common key information signal words. Generally speaking, they have a very obvious transitional role in linking the preceding and the following, and at the same time, they can also put the key information before and after the key information Point or topic topic is a kind of signal words that are easy for examinees to grasp. Here are some examples:

the following signal words are quite critical. Generally speaking, such sentence patterns appear in the listening materials, which means that the speaker will be talking about more important views and theories, and the theory of similar views is very important We must not miss those who have a high probability of becoming the problem-solving point:

Finally, there are some scattered signal words that need to be remembered. This kind of signal words are used to express the logical relationship between the contents of the dialogue. The candidates should be able to distinguish the logical relationship between the signal words and the content after listening, and make a simple record, so as to provide clues and reference for the subsequent problem-solving There are:

the above are the key information prompt signal words that all kinds of examinees need to accurately understand and grasp in TOEFL listening. I hope that all of you can understand these prompt signal words. In the process of listening, we can quickly respond and record the key information, so as to provide more reference and help for solving problems later. In Germany, 1147 new crown cases were added in a single day, breaking 1000 for the second consecutive day in three months

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